Tuned In: What’s Hot, Hotter And Definitely Not Happening In TV

Can ‘The Hills‘ actually go on without star Lauren Conrad (“LC”)? Well according to MTV, yes! At its upfront this week, the network announced that part two of season 5 would air later in the year, sans Conrad, but with all your other favorites – Audrina (who is getting her own reality show too), the just-wed Heidi & Spencer Pratt, Lo, Brody Jenner and more. But Lo herself told Fancast, “I know that for MTV and the producers, they wanna continue the show as long as there are storylines and people on the show willing to have cameras follow them. Personally I don’t think the show will be as great or popular as it once was, especially without Lauren there.” For the full interview with Lo, click here. The rumor is that the show could have a significantly stronger ‘Speidi’ angle when it returns later in the year. Great, just what the world needs – more of Spencer Pratt…

What’s Hot: Tuesday Ratings

Rat Pack night on ‘American Idol‘ helped Fox win Tuesday night, but CBS made it very close, thanks to the 1-2 punch of ‘NCIS‘ and freshman smash ‘The Mentalist.’ ‘Idol’ had just 22.5 million viewers, which was way down from last week. ‘NCIS’ introduced LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell as part of a potential LA-based spinoff last night and the usual 16 million strong tuned in. This one looks like a no-brainer for CBS’s Fall lineup. ‘Without a Trace‘ led the way for CBS at 10pm, but ‘Law & Order: SVU‘ surged to over 10.5 million viewers, one of its best showings this season.

What’s Hotter: Fringe

The creepier ‘Fringe‘ gets, the more people seem to like it. Last night’s episode that centered on a killer that ripped into people vampire-style to drain them of their spinal fluid, grabbed 10.6 million viewers, which was up from last week’s episode, even though it’s ‘American Idol’ lead-in was down week-to-week. The J.J. Abrams show is finally finding its stride after a bit of a slow start, and along with ‘The Mentalist’ is one of just a handful of new series that have registered at all with viewers this TV season. And yes, we can’t wait for that Leonard Nimoy guest spot in the finale!

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What’s Definitely Not Happening: 90210

It’s a good thing ‘90210‘ has already been renewed for next season, because last night’s episode was watched by a series-low 1.8 million viewers. Did the fans miss Tori Spelling that much?? The much-maligned ‘Reaper‘ even grabbed more heads as ‘90210’s’ lead-in with just over 1.8 million viewers. Perhaps The CW wants to re-think going ahead with the ‘Melrose Place‘ spinoff for the fall? Just how much nostalgia are viewers ready for?

You can watch full episodes of ‘90210’ right here on Fancast.

Wednesday Sizzlers:

  • Lost: 9pm ET on ABC It’s the 100th episode and all bets are off tonight in ‘The Variable.’ Daniel Faraday has finally returned, and we’ll find out what he’s been up to since we last saw him – (time-jumping we presume). And that death we’ve been teased about has to be coming soon right?
  • American Idol: 9pm ET on Fox Tonight we lose one of the contestants, leaving us with the Final 4. The most likely to go is Matt, but it’s troublesome that Alison has been in the bottom three so frequently. Might we have a Final 4 of all guys for the first time in Idol history?
  • Criminal Minds: 9pm ET on CBS ‘Moonlight’ fans rejoice! Alex O’Loughlin is back on TV, with tonight’s guest starring role – as a serial killer! Oh who cares, you’d watch him if he was playing a janitor right?
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