Who Gives A Twit?

Never underestimate the power of the Twit. Yesterday I quipped, woops, t’wiiped, that all of you should follow either Al Roker or Sam Champion. Responding to that was new Fancast contributor, Billy Bush who tweeted to Al after reading my column, “…As 4 the race, sam paid me, sorry.” Al is just as funny Billy, I received this tweet from Mr. Roker regarding my faux challenge to the twitterverse: “Bob, not a race, but we do both have more followers than Chris Cuomo.” Memo to Jimmy Fallon: get Al in the writer’s room. Fast.

In other Roker world news, Al announced that he will be adding the Weather Channel to his daily broadcast day. He’ll be hosting “Wake Up with Al” an hour before the Today show starts and he tweeted that he’ll be twittin’ live every day. Quick note to Al’s wife, ABC’s Deborah Roberts: chicks dig weathermen. As Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell tweeted to Al this morning; “Al, u r too cute…now as a fellow interviewer u don’t think brim to brim while using a mic will be hard maneuvering? (-:” Whoa…

Gotta love Project Runway’s Tim Gunn who’s very excited about the release of Wolverine, he twitted this about Mr. Jackman: “Hugh Jackman impressed my pants off! He was just fabulous at the Oscars.” I have a feeling Tim has said that about a lot of people. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Radio legend Don Imus tweeted about his sidekick, “Did anyone notice this morning that Charles wasn’t wearing pants?” Sounds like Charles must be a big Hugh Jackman fan too.

Oprah Winfrey has also got the Jackman fever. She twitted to him, “Hugh…I’m countin’ the hours. Wanna do dinner the night before. Same booth?” Heads up to Oprah, don’t wear pants to dinner.

This morning Liz Hurley tweeted out a question: ‘Where do all the old men in hollywood go to get their beautiful girlfriends?” Liz, It’s called The Playboy Mansion.

Here are more tweets from the desk of twit central…

Tina Fey @8:39PM 4/29/09: Why can’t I doodle on my trackpad with a pen thing? I like drawing giants penises on Jon Stewart. Apple- Doodleytrackpad! Stat! Shawn (Mrs. Larry) King @ 12:28AM 4/29/09: I’m off to dream land..,wonder what I’ll dream about? What do you dream about?” Brad Garrett @7:28AM 4/28/09: Had to to check myself in to Passages Mailbu for Twitter addiction evaluation. Rainn Wilson @6:11 PM 4/28/09: Apparently NY MAG, the US WEEKLY for Upper West Siders, calls my tweets “silly and trite”. Rainn Wilson @7:14Pm 4/28/09: I feel like corn needs an image make-over. Let’s put our heads together and come up with a new CORN campaign slogan. Criss Angel @5:25PM 4/28/09: Got a call from Sanjay Gupta from CNN asking me to make Swine Flu disappear. I promised him an answer if he bought Believe tickets. He said no. Miley Cyrus@5:53AM 4/29/09: i hate when i cant sleep. i end up think to much and then my brain hurts. Sean Combs @ 1:04AM 4/29/09: Attention all college students!!! Its FINALS WEEK!!!! GET LOCKED IN!!!! God bless you on your test!!!! M.C. Hammer @5:08 AM 4/29/09: Respect Women Wednesday….. Ladies have a great day !!! Steve Buscemi @4:29PM 4/27/09: Now following oprah because God and Satan both suggested her to me. Apparently, she’s the only thing they can both agree on.”

T’wowza! Steve, did you not get Hammers’ tweet?

What do I give a Twit about? Justin Guarini’s latest video about last night’s ‘American Idol” and the big NCIS episode introducing the new spinoff.

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