New On Demand: Steven Soderbergh’s “The Girlfriend Experience,” “The Other End of the Line”

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The Girlfriend Experience
Steven Soderbergh is one of America’s most revered and respected filmmakers, so when he scales himself back from big names and big budgets to do an independent drama, we should pay attention. That shouldn’t be too hard to do with The Girlfriend Experience, thanks to its subject matter (prostitution), its lead actress (porn star Sasha Grey), and the fact that it hearkens back to his sex, lies and videotape days. Rather than being exploitative and salacious, Soderbergh shows us the life of an escort besides the sex – the repeat customers, the creepy offers, the struggles with maintaining a real relationship and even the struggling economy.

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The Other End of the Line
A romantic comedy fantasy occurs when a Priya (Shriya Saran), a young woman working a credit card call center in Mumbai, India, finds herself intrigued by one of the customers in New York, but her company line forces her to pretend she’s American and lives in San Francisco. But when her telephone crush (Jesse Metcalfe) reciprocates and wants to meet her, she has to travel to America to try and keep up the charade so as not to lose him.

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