Who Gives A Twit?

Demi Moore twitted last night at midnight, “Feeling so out of the Twitter loop have been working all day with no play!!” Since Ashton is twittin’ from Atlanta shooting his new movie, Five Killers, let me get Demi on track in the world of twit.

Swine flu is on heavy on the twit radar, Californians got this tw’update yesterday from the Governator: Arnold Schwarzenegger @3:31PM 4/29/09: The WHO has upgraded the Pandemic Flu Alert level from 4 to 5. Gov., it’s W.H.O., at first glance I thought Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry were now in charge of world health updates.

Denise Richards twitted her idea of a funny; “what is the difference between the flu and the swine flu? i thought flu season was over!” Babe, leave being hot and writing jokes to Tina Fey.

After Matt Lauer’s interview w/visually exhausted Vice Pres. Biden, Ann Curry twitted this @ 7:47AM; “Vice President Biden looked tired on Today this morning.” Let’s see, the U.S. is broke, no one has a job, swine flu is rampant and we’re at war. The VP has more pressing issues than grabbing 8 hours of shut eye.

Richard Branson was twitting mid-flight on his way to their new California hub, Orange County; “Arianna Huffington and I chatting on Virgin America’s inaugural flight to OC. Have put my trousers back on.” I wonder if Virgin offers the same treatment in coach?

Twitter has for sure widened my social circle. Last night I made plans for a play date with Brad Garrett. He’s working on his golf game and I twitted him a guarantee of slashing 15 strokes off his score or I’d give him $50 bucks. Cash. He twitted me back, “Keep the cash, I’ll take the strokes. Like to beat Ray.” This is a t’wallenge I’m taking on. Brad, let’s get into a mind set. Rent Rocky this weekend & visualize you’re Sly and I’m Burgess Meredith.

And now here are some tweets to t’wench your t’wirst. (Try & say that three times fast…)

Tony Rock @3:51PM 4/29/09: KFC giving away free chicken. Thank you Obama!!! Greg Grunberg @4:22AM 4/30/09: So it turns out the only ones not effected by swine flu are pigs. WTF???!!!! Kevin Pollack @7:44PM 4/29/09: Is it just convenient, or does it actually make sense now to blame the economy for swine flu? Fred Durst @3:31PM 4/28/09: Life is like a bicycle. To balance you must keep moving. Shaquille O’Neal @9:30PM 4/29/09: bout to get my shaqlite/micheal phelps (without the bong) lol, swim wrkout on, 20 laps , one hr of swimming< calvin klein here i come. Mark Cuban @8:16 AM 4/29/09: Changing channels from CNBC to Fox Biz. will Kudlow realize that Steve Leisman thinks things through. Kudlow=mindless cheerleader. Ashton Kutcher @9:39PM 4/29/09: the real f’d up thing is that U turn on the nightly news & C war, rape, people microwaving babies. But let’s make sure no 1 is swearing? Soleil Moon Frye @11:25PM 4/29/09: Wow, I just brushed my teeth with my new electric tooth brush Incredible. It seriously gave me a massage. Robin McGraw @12:28PM 4/27/09: Ladies, it’s time we talk openly about menopause. Ben Stiller @5:49AM 4/29/09: Feels like a Friday today…is it just me or is this week going so slow?

Ben, imagine how slow it would be if you worked in an office.

What do I give a Twit about? Last night’s ‘Lost‘ – duh; plus our summer movie preview. I’m watching all the trailers.

Tweet out!

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