‘Dancing’ Cat Fight? Jewel Clarifies Remarks

Jewel is in some hot water over remarks she made, directed at fellow ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ contestant Melissa Rycroft.

“If you’re too hurt to compete then you can’t compete,” the singer wrote on husband Ty Murray’s MySpace blog. The post was “hijacked” by several media sites and “mangled” says the singer, who’s setting the record straight on her own blog.

“I like Melissa and think she’s gifted (and a real Texas sweetheart), and I adore Steve-O. My comment had nothing to do with either of them,” she writes.

Jewel, who withdrew from the competition due to injury, says she was criticizing the show’s rule, not Melissa: “I think the rule about ‘judging a rehearsal if the person is too injured to perform’ was weird both times they have used it.”

Melissa was unable to perform last Monday due to three broken ribs and received the lowest score of the night, which was based on rehearsal footage from earlier in the day. The scenario was also used when Steve-O’s back injury kept him off the dance floor on performance night.

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“I am not a mean-spirited person,” Jewel says, “and I think all my fans know that…this isn’t a catty girl versus girl thing they are trying to make it into.”

And bull-riding champ Ty Murray is standing by his girl. “It really got blown out of proportion,” Murray said in an interview airing Monday on an L.A. radio show, according to People. “She doesn’t have anything against Melissa, Steve-O, or anything.”

Murray, who is one of the five dancers still chasing the mirror ball trophy, adds, “She feels horrible that it’s got taken the way it’s got taken.”

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