Rebecca Romijn Does Nothing, Loses 60 Lbs.

There’s no battle of the baby bulge here.

Rebecca Romijn lost nearly 60 lbs. just four months after having twin girls Dolly and Charlie.

“I think within the first three weeks, I took off like 35 pounds without doing anything!” Rebecca tells Extra in her first interview since giving birth in December. “I haven’t been able to work out that much because I have twins. It’s impossible to get back into a regular schedule.”

“Breastfeeding is the very best diet I’ve been on,” the ‘Ugly Betty‘ star reveals. “It’s amazing. It’s like you have to eat 5,000 extra calories a day or you can’t produce enough food for them.”

“I’m not pretending to be back to the shape I was in beforehand anyway, I still have a ways to go,” Rebecca admits, “we’ve got Spanx underneath almost everything.”

Romijn, 36, says husband Jerry O’Connell is “so awesome. He’s just like totally on diaper duty.”

A startlingly skinny Tori Spelling also recently revealed she lost her 40 lbs. of baby weight…by not going to the gym.

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