Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Nerdgasms! Salvation-Flavored Sandwiches! And More….

Bolt your doors! Board up your windows! And then stock up on assorted snack food items and nestle into the comfy confines of your couch! It’s attack of the season finales!

For us sci fi fans, this time of year is nearly always permeated by the distinct and lingering odor of resignation in the air as we wait to find out who’s renewed and who’s through. Over at IO9, there is an interesting discussion about Entertainment Weekly’s recent exploration of the bias against sci fi TV. My favorite observation comes from one commenter who sums up our dilemma thusly:

“Smart people like science fiction more than other people. Smart people don’t watch as much tv as other people. We’re screwed.”

But is all hope lost? We’re talking about fans who fight the future, after all. And some shows have a better than average chance at representin’ for our genre again next year.

Read on.

Was It Good For You Too?

Why not salivate once more over the first pics of Leonard Nimoy as “Belly”? (A.k.a. “William Bell,” if you prefer to keep a more formal distance with this fictional legend of the Fringe universe). Fringe‘s season finale airs May 12. On assorted message boards, overall fan reaction to Nimoy’s participation has best been summoned up in one word:


The prospect of Spock going toe to toe with crazy Walter in a new season is thrilling, to be sure, but does the casting of a sci fi icon in the season finale of a show whose future is as of yet uncertain make J.J. Abrams some untouchable, immortal uber-genius with mad renewal-making moves?


[iframe 420 355]

Axis of Evil Feeble?

Live Feed produced a helpful yet vertigo-inspiring chart that documents exactly how Dollhouse‘s viewership has consistently dropped since its premiere.

Yikes. Of course, if Alpha proves to be William Shatner, maybe network execs will ‘mind-wipe’ the image of that chart from their collective consciousness and look more favorably on prospects for a second season….

Would You Like A Bag Of Chips With That Renewal?

As highlighted at Slice of Sci Fi, TV Guide interviews creator Josh Schwartz about how the “game changing” elements of the Chuck finale would play out in a future season – assuming certain pastrami-and-swiss-flavored efforts prove fruitful.

(The) Resistance Is Not So Futile?

Speaking of TV Guide, they also made a case this week for eight shows that should be saved, and Terminator made the list. Plus TSCC won E! Online’s “Save One Show” campaign by a comfortable margin!

I know, I know…..if wishes were horses…….we’d be knee deep in manure. But it’s nice to see such a strong showing for one of the best shows out there.

The Hunks Don’t Hurt, Either….

Extra-excellent piece on IO9 about all the things that make Supernatural so watchable. Included on the list are “angels who act like asswipes” and the show’s “Midwestern Gothic” vibe, combined with a Buffy-esque marriage of bon mots and bad monsters.

In other words, what Dollhouse should have been.

And that’s the week in a nutshell Honey Oat roll. Hopefully May will bring good tidings for certain shows on the cusp of cancellation……….

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