The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – Week 11!

The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – Beijing China: The Road to the Finale 3

Hello Everyone!

Last night’s Episode #11 of The Amazing Race continued in Beijing, China —- as the teams raced for a coveted spot in the Final 3! We also have an update on Phil Keoghan’s “RIDE ACROSS AMERICA,” and more! Let’s get started with today’s BLOG……

Episode 11 – Potty Breaks at the Pit-Stop can be FATAL

The show began at the EXACT moment that last week’s episode ended —– with an elated Cara & Jaime checking in with Phil Keoghan, believing they have been awarded “First Place,” only to be told by Phil that the Leg is NOT over and to KEEP RACING. Phil then handed the girls a Clue — instructing them to travel by taxi to Bai Hai Dong Men. To say that Phil “burst the bubble” of the Redheds is an understatement. The look on their poor faces when Phil told them to “keep racing” was worth a thousand words. They had worked HARD and worked WELL on this Leg…….in fact it was their best Leg to date. Sadly, their stellar performance did not earn them a deserved First Place. The girls were so rattled by Phil’s news that Jaime almost slammed her head in the car door, as she got into their taxi. As they rode to Bai Hai Dong Men, the Redheads mentioned that they really don’t have any “bad blood” with the other teams —– Jaime remarked, “As long as it’s us in the Final 3, I don’t care who is the other team.”

One by one, the remaining teams arrived at the Mat, only to be told by Phil to keep racing. Kisha & Jen arrived in Last Place, fully expecting to be eliminated —— only to enjoy the SALVATION of Phil handing them a CLUE instead of walking papers. Jen was crying with excitement that the Race was definitely NOT over for the sisters!


1. Cara & Jen [told to keep racing]
2. Margie & Luke [told to keep racing]
3. Tammy & Victor [told to keep racing]
4. Kisha & Jen [told to keep racing]


Cara & Jaime arrived at Bai Hai Dong Men, where they would have to search the local stores to find one of the Amazing Race’s FAVORITE recurring characters —– the iconic Travelocity Gnome! Soon after, the other teams arrived at the store area, and began to search for that mischievous little critter.

Margie & Luke were the first to find the gnome, as they found him in a grocery, apparently snacking on some peanuts. The gnome had their next clue, directing them to Gu Gong Xi Bei Jiao, where they would need to ride electric bicycles to Dongdan subway station.

The remaining teams successfully found their gnomes and the taxi race to Gu Gong Xi Bie Jiao began.


In the history of the Amazing Race, there has NEVER been a team that has experienced as much trouble with taxis as Cara & Jaime. Just as we have seen in nearly every episode this season, the Redhead’s driver had great difficulty getting them to their next destination……a problem which the girls would experience throughout this Leg in Beijing…….

Tammy & Victor arrived at Gu Gong Xi Bie Jiao in First Place and quickly found the electric bikes. As the siblings mounted their electric bikes, we thought about Phil’ Keoghans current bike ride across America……if only poor Phil had ELECTRIC bikes like these Racers! His poor legs are probably getting so SORE by now! Anyway, the electric bikes were incredible, as they would ride (and FAST!) with minimal pedaling.

Tammy & Victor soon arrived at the Dongdan subway station, where they discovered a DETOUR. The choice was: BEIJING OPERA or CHINESE WAITER. In Beijing Opera, teams would need to travel to Hu Guang Hui Guan Opera House where they would need to apply MAKE-UP to each other as a princess and a gentleman. In Chinese Waiter, teams would need to head to Hu Guang Hui Guan restaurant where a table of customers would tell the team their meal order….in MANDARIN….then the team would need to verbally give the order….in MANDARIN…to the chef. If they gave the proper order to the chef, he would then cook the dishes, which the team would deliver to each customer.

As the only Race team FLUENT in Mandarin, Tammy & Victor jumped for joy when they read the CHINESE WAITER option. Tammy even remarked, “If we can’t do this task, Mom & Dad will kill us!” On first try, Victor mistranslated the order of “Good Luck Fish” as “Good Luck Squid!” It was quite a comical moment when Tammy & Victor read the order to the chef, who told them it was wrong. On their second try, however, they did properly convey the meal orders to the chef, who granted them their next clue.


The clue that Tammy & Victor received upon completion of the Detour was paramount….as it instructed them to travel to Wen Chang Ge, where a U-TURN awaited. This would be the second and final U-TURN in this season of the Race.

[iframe—Deciding-Factor/embed 420 355]

You will recall from past seasons that a U-Turn allows one team to “turn” another team, that is —– one team can force the victim team to return to the Detour selection point and complete the OTHER Detour task that they skipped when they made their initial Detour selection. However, unlike the U-TURN which teams encountered back in Siberia, this would NOT be a “Blind” U-TURN…… meaning the identity of the team who activated it against another WOULD be posted for all teams to see!

SIDENOTE: If you missed the episode in Siberia where Margie & Luke used the U-TURN to literally KILL OFF Amanda & Kris, check out the BLOG we did on that pivotal race moment:

Fancast Blog Link: Amanda & Kris U-Turned to Oblivion by Margie & Luke in Siberia.


Meanwhile, Kisha & Jen selected the BEIJING OPERA Detour selection. Kisha remarked excitedly, “This is my opportunity to be the Princess!” Jen then began to apply makeup to Kisha, making her into an opera Princess. It was quite a visual to see the usually “tom-boyish” Kisha getting this fancy-femme makeover! When Jen finished, Kisha felt gorgeous and it showed!!

Watching this Detour was just KILLING us…..oh my gosh, WHERE was this Detour challenge on OUR Amazing Race?!?!?! Talk about a challenge we could have SMOKED……….. 8-)


Luke is a very talented gentleman…..but, at the Detour, the poor boy couldn’t do his mother’s makeup to save his life. Margie became frustrated as Luke applied wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much powder to her face. As he continued to work on her, Margie looked into the mirror and lamented, “Your are making me look like Alice Cooper”….and later mentioning, “I feel like a drag queen!”

Upon close inspection, we determined that Luke’s make-up job on Margie made her look far more like Marilyn Manson, than Alice Cooper. Think Manson, circa the Mechanical Animals 1998 Tour……YEP that’s the look Luke created on Margie!

Kisha & Jen then finished each other’s makeup…..with Kisha as the “Princess” and Jen as the “Gentleman.”


Tammy & Victor arrived at the U-TURN point and immediately activated it against Kisha & Jen! They made it clear that this was not done in spite, but rather they felt like the agility and athleticism of Kisha & Jen made them a threat. The siblings even wrote on the U-TURN board “Sorry, I can’t outrun you.” After making their decision, Tammy & Victor received their next clue, directing them to the Dong Hua Men Yi Shi Street Food Cart.

Having completed their Detour make-up challenge, Kisha & Jen were then instructed to make their way to the U-TURN point. Little did they know, the U-TURN was actually in the area close to where they were doing their make-up! They hit the street and began to search…..albeit in vain………

The Redheads (as usual) struggled with their taxi driver. They even resorted to SINGING opera to their cab driver, hoping it would motivate him to reach the Detour opera house more quickly!


Tammy & Victor arrived at the Dong Hua Men Yi Shi Street Food Cart in First Place, where they were confronted with a ROADBLOCK. In this week’s Roadblock, one team member would need to eat a selection of Chinese street foods. The plate consisted of: STARFISH, GRASHOPPERS, BEETLE LARVAE, and SCORPIONS.

Victor volunteered to take the task and began to devour his snack. The CRUNCHING SOUND as he ate these strange delicacies was actually worse than watching him. Victor mentioned that the inside of the starfish reminded him of “fish innards”………YUCK!!!!

After finishing the morsels, Victor received their FINAL clue, instructing them to travel to the Pit-Stop at the Niao Chao (or Bird’s Nest), a major location for last year’s Beijing Olympics. Once again, Tammy & Victor’s pre-Race travels to China came into play, as they were quite familiar with Niao Chao, as they had attended the Beijing Olympics in 2008! With momentum behind them, Tammy & Victor checked in at the Pit-Stop in FIRST PLACE!


Upon stepping on the Mat, Phil informed Tammy & Victor that they were the FIRST team to arrive. For their victory, Phil rewarded the smiling team with a trip for two to the Galapagos Islands, courtesy of Travelocity. This victory marked the FOURTH FIRST PLACE FINISH for Tammy & Victor, irrefutably solidifying their status as “the team to beat” this season!

The siblings are a well-oiled machine: pure and simple. They have brains, reasonable athleticism, and perhaps most importantly the top TEAMWORK of the remaining teams.

As we go into the FINAL LEG next week, we have to wonder……can Tammy & Victor be beaten when the stakes are their highest?!? Can the siblings perform at this level when the pressure is on like never before? We’ll find out next week……..


As Tammy & Victor enjoyed their First Place finish, Kisha & Jen arrived at the U-TURN point to discover the devastating news that they were U-TURNED. The girls were shocked and for good reason. With no other choice, they went to tackle the CHINESE WAITER Detour option.

Having never studied Chinese, this task proved very difficult for the girls. They tried to write the orders down phonetically…but when they recited them to the chef, their pronunciation was off base to say the least.

For example, Kisha’s pronunciation of “Vegetarian Noodles” in Chinese came out as “Good western heads lack fish!”

After several tries, the girls DID succeed at speaking Mandarin and received their next clue.

Meanwhile, Margie & Luke and Cara & Jaime completed the make-up Detour and searched for the U-Turn point…..both teams hoping that they would not see their photos on the U-Turn board……..

Margie & Luke soonafter found the U-Turn point, completed the Roadblock, and checked into the Mat in Second Place.


Having now completed BOTH Detours, Kisha & Jen now tackled the Roadblock, with Jen volunteering to eat the snacks. Jen had extreme difficulty and began using water to more or less swallow the larvae whole. She kept drinking more and more water to help her overcome the taste of the insects and scorpions.

Cara & Jamie soon arrived at the Roadblock and Cara plowed through the plate of food like a lawn mower! Even Jaime was shocked at how quickly Cara downed these unusual delicacies. While the girls had bickered a little earlier on in this episode, this moment was the band-aid they needed —– as Jaime cheered Cara on excitedly. Cara & Jen chomped away, each hoping to finish the plate before the other…….

Jen finally cleaned her plate and the sisters jumped into a cab, en route to the Pit-Stop. However, Jen began to wiggle and squirm, commenting that she really needed to use the restroom, because of all the WATER she has drunk.

Cara then gulped her last bite and the Redheads caught a cab, just behind Kisha & Jen……

[iframe—-When-Nature-Calls/embed 420 355]

When Kisha & Jen pulled up to Nia Chao, the site of the Pit-Stop, Jen noticed some porta-pottys….and decided to take a quick “pee break” in one of them. While Jen was in the porta-potty, Kisha waited nervously outside.

Cara & Jaime then arrived at Niao Chao and began to scour the area for Phil’s Mat. Jen then exited the restroom and Kisha & Jen made a B-line for the Mat as well. When the dust cleared, it was Cara & Jaime who checked into the Pit-Stop in Third Place. When Kisha & Jen arrived, literally just SECONDS later than the Redheads, they were promptly eliminated by Phil.


Poor Jen broke down in tears at the Mat, stating “I feel guilty as hell. I had to use the bathroom.” Kisha stayed by her sister’s side, not blaming her sister in any way, saying that her sis was a STRONG competitor…….and expressing how proud she was of Jen. Kisha mentioned, “Her strengths really made me look at her different. She’s not my little sister anymore.”

Several weeks ago, we predicted that the athleticism of these sisters would lead them to the Final 3 and although it sadly didn’t, we have to say these girls ran a GREAT race! To miss third place by such a SMALL margin, even after fenduring the full brunt of a U-TURN was just remarkable. And to see the way these two supported one another, even in the most severe of moments, was always heartwarming.

The girls gave it their best and we are certainly proud of the way they represented the 502 (that’s slang for Louisville, KY)!


1. Tammy & Victor
2. Margie & Luke
3. Cara & Jaime
4. Kisha & Jen [ELIMINATED]


*We sound like a broken-record when we talk about this team but we can’t give enough KUDOS to Tammy & Victor. Another PERFECT Leg for them. They finished each task with FORCE and checked into the Mat far, far ahead of the others. Can they keep this up when the stakes are highest? The Million is on the line……NEXT SUNDAY!

*With Kisha & Jen now out of the game, a huge stress has been lifted for Margie & Luke. The mother and son had great difficulty dealing mentally with the blow-out fight they had with the sisters. Since that fight, Margie & Luke were clearly pre-occupied with the elimination of Kisha & Jen, seemingly more so than the potential to win the Million. Now that Kisha & Jen are indeed eliminated, we feel like we will see the “old” Margie & Luke BACK next week…….FOCUSED, DETERMINED, and STRIVING TO WIN. When these two are on the same page, their performance is beyond impressive. Going in to next week, we predict this team to be the biggest threat to Tammy & Victor.

*Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the Redheads. These girls have been on a roller-coaster ride as of late. We have seen them go from seventh place at the Mat to FIRST (albeit a “to be continued” Mat moment). As the girls prepare themselves for the Final Leg, we have a feeling that their prayers are asking the Lord above……..”In the Final Leg, PLEASE NO TAXIS!” Cara & Jaime are every bit as capable as the other two remaining teams. They are sharp intellectually and they are athletic to boot. Their “Achilles tendon” is taxis……they have extremely bad luck in selecting them, and an even worse time coping with the frustration which ensues. If the Final Leg involves a minimum reliance on taxi cabs, we would not be surprised to see an invigorated Cara & Jaime become the FIRST ALL FEMALE TEAM TO WIN the Amazing Race!


Phil Keoghan is a HERO! RIGHT NOW —- YES AT THIS VERY SECOND —— Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan is BIKE-RIDING across America and he is on a MISSION to raise awareness and funds for the US National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The ride also coincides with the launch of Phil’s own NOW One Square Meal Bars at GNC stores nationwide. [Sidenote: NOW is an acronym for “No Opportunity Wasted,” the title of Phil’s popular self-motivational book.]

If you would like to try Phil’s NOW One Square Meal Bars, they ARE available! You can purchase Phil’s Bars at any GNC store, or online at this LINK. [NOTE: the GNC website is currently offering 20% off on the bars!!!]

This past Tuesday April 28, Phil checked-in live from Lima, Ohio on the Bonnie Hunt Show:

[iframe 445 364]

And on Wednesday April 29, Phil made a “Pit-stop” in Columbus, Ohio —— and several Blog Readers were kind enough to send us PHOTOS and VIDEOS from the festivities!

Here is a “fan video” of Phil’s arrival in Columbus! Someone at the shopping center is BLARING their radio as Phil pulls in……..and I don’t know why but we find it hilarious watching Phil Keoghan make an entrance to the 80’s funk/R&B song “WORD UP” by Cameo (watch on the video at 1:15) 8-)

[iframe 445 364]

Phil signing an autograph for MEGA-FAN Gina!

[iframe 445 364]

Now Gina checks in with Phil’s FATHER John Keoghan!

[iframe 445 364]

Let’s recap Phil’s appearance in Columbus with photos……..please note, you might notice a BANDAGE on the right side of Phil’s face…..this is from a BAD spill he took riding over uneven train tracks…..nonetheless, Phil KEEPS riding with a smile!

At his Columbus appearance, Phil also reunited with current Amazing Race cast member BRAD [from the team “Brad & Victora”):

Thus far, Phil’s Ride Across American has raised OVER $300,000 for the National MS Society… just a little over a month… that not unbelievable?!?! Phil has currently rode over 2,500 miles as well!

Don’t forget…….if YOU want to get involved, you still have the chance to RIDE right alongside Phil!

Below are the DATES and CITIES for the “kick-offs” of the remaining legs of Phil’s journey:

*Gaithersburg, MD (Washington DC) – THIS Tuesday May 5

*Baltimore, MD – THIS Wednesday May 6

*Philadelphia, PA – THIS Thursday May 7

*New York City – Date TBA

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And for more information on Phil’s cross-country adventure, visit the official website.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful chance to not only MEET Phil Keoghan, but to BIKE-RIDE with him, while raising funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

IMPORTANT: If you can’t make the Ride itself, you can STILL help!!! To make a donation to the National MS Society, please visit their page.


Right now is truly the PERFECT time to be a fan of the Amazing Race!

So Mark You Calendars:

*EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT – 8pm EST – the NEW Amazing Race Season 14 – CBS (America) and CTV (Canada)



We will be back here with you next Monday with our review of THE FINAL EPISODE of the Amazing Race Season 14, as well as coverage of our LATEST AMAZING RACE PARTIES!!

See you RIGHT HERE on next time —– DON’T MISS IT!!!

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Kynt and Vyxsin

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