Previews: Tonight’s First Season Finale Of ‘Better Off Ted’

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What’s this? Veronica (Portia De Rossi) with her hair down, paying compliments to every passerby at the office? Something must be up, or in this case, going down. In tonight’s first season finale of Better Off Ted, Veronica attempts to boost morale at Veridian after a survey discovers it’s at an all-time low. And what’s the best way to boost morale? In Veronica’s case, by being more likable. And she’ll do it, alright. Even if it almost kills her.

As for Ted (Jay Harrington), it appears the only portion of the Veridian population he didn’t score high with was the elusive “men over 50” demographic. How does he expect to win them over? By turning into “Mr. Has A Drink At Lunch,” of course.

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No news yet on whether or not ‘Ted’ will get picked up for a second season, but stay tuned, as ABC is scheduled to make the announcement for it’s fall prime time schedule in the next two weeks.

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