Silverman, Fallon Win At Webbys, Oprah Hosts Elizabeth Edwards, And More

A Webby For Silverman & Fallon: Sarah Silverman has nabbed a Webby award for best political video – for her ‘The Great Shlep,’ which encouraged young Jewish adults to ask their grandparents to vote for Obama. Jimmy Fallon also snagged a Webby for the blog he used to practice his late-night talk show skills.

Difficult Times: Elizabeth Edwards was a guest on Oprah this week to speak out about her husband, Senator John Edwards’ affair with videographer Rielle Hunter. The long-suffering wife, who says that 31 years ago she¬† asked her husband to be faithful to her, also touched upon her terminal cancer. When Oprah asked whether she still loves her husband, Edwards responded, “You know, that’s a complicated question.” The episode will air on Thursday.

Hard Times: HBO and MTV have both greenlit shows dealing with, uh, hard times. HBO’s ‘Hung,’ with Anne Heche, follows a man dealing with personal difficulties who learns to use his biggest asset. MTV’s ‘Hard Times’ focuses on a young geek whose coolness status skyrockets when he accidentally exposes himself at a basketball game.

CW Nixes Sundays: The CW will cease to program on Sunday nights, after its unsuccessful attempt to outsource the night’s lineup to MRC. “As we plan our 2009-10 fall launch, we are in talks with several of our top affiliate partners about a number of creative and mutually beneficial actions that will build on our growing record of success,” said a statement from the network. “These discussions include an evolution of the strategy, which began this season, to focus the CW’s resources on Monday through Friday nights. As a result, we are now exploring the transition of Sunday night to our affiliates.”

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