Hell’s Kitchen’s Chef Andrea On Being Called a “Dirty B***”

Many were sad to see Chef Andrea go on the last episode of ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ and she herself wishes she “had more tricks” up her sleeve to remain on the show. “I think that what it boiled down to for me personally was my utter determination to stay another day and to give it my best no matter what was happening,” she said to us the day after her elimination aired.

But does Chef Gordon think she was worthy enough to continue on the show? “In terms of the finishing touches…Is she a better cook than Paula, then Danny? No she was not,” he said to us today. “Unfortunately, in terms of the balance and level of finesse, [her cooking] couldn’t match Danny and certainly couldn’t match Paula.”

Who is she rooting for on tonight’s finale and what exactly are ‘assertive panties’? She talked to us about this and about being called a “dirty bitch” by the infamous chef. Read on for her thoughts.

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What do you think happened that pushed your elimination?

Well I’ll never know so this is just speculation on my part but I think it was just an accumulation of past performances. I know Ramsay said he wiped the slate clean but I think when you get down to that final three you have to put the entire competition into consideration to make a decision. And there were times where I wasn’t very consistent. And I knew that but I think it was just an accumulation of past performances and what are we going to do?

You guys got to hang out with all of those famous chefs. Were you star struck by any of them in particular?

Probably Ben Ford from Filling Station, I was just like no way this is unbelievable. And I went to restaurant week in the city a couple of years prior to that and remember meeting that chef. It was just unbelievable the amount of caliber of people that were in one room all at one time. I just want to know how he pulled that one off. It was just amazing.

Did you say you had assertive panties?

You know when I heard that in a preview last week I almost fell off my chair laughing because I don’t remember saying that. And that goes for the entire season. There were times where they would show me saying stuff and I’m like did I just say that? I guess I did. I so enjoyed watching the other contestants doing their confessionals because we didn’t know that part of the game while we were there. We knew what was happening in front of us at that moment but we didn’t know what was going on behind closed doors. Some of it was shocking and some of it was just down right entertaining. I really enjoyed that part of the season.

I think that’s a term that’s going to catch on. Assertive panties.

If I had a dollar every time I’ve heard that since the show I’d probably be semi-retired just to let you know.

Do you have a favorite to win right now since there’s only two contestants left?

Paula and I became very close and she played a fair game. She didn’t let our friendship get in the way of her speaking her opinion and I deeply respect that. Of course I’m rooting for Paula. She’s my girl. We’ve got to stick together.

What was happening between Paula and I think his name was John-Phillipe?

Is that funny or what? It was funny because I was actually the one who had a crush on him. He’s such a charming guy. I don’t think Paula has voiced that she had a thing for him but that was a very cute little segment that they had.

What were your best and worst moments with Chef Ramsay?

At one point in the kitchen he called me a dirty bitch. And my jaw dropped, I was like he did not just say that! Because I haven’t heard that one, but wow. Can I use that in the future? I tell that story all the time. I’m like yeah, Chef Ramsay called me a dirty bitch. As far as the best good moment, the red team didn’t get to spend too much time outside of the kitchen with him. So there weren’t that many moments as far as that kind of thing goes. As far as a chance to bond with him. But I would have to say when I was eliminated. He has some very kind things to say to me and it just felt good in the end that I had been to battle with him and he has nothing but great stuff to say to me. It wasn’t like he insulted me on the way out or anything like that. He just said you know what, you were a great competitor and you’re going to be an asset in any kitchen. That just felt really really good for me.

Something like that coming from him is especially great.

Oh absolutely. Especially after he called me a dirty bitch.

If you had your own show what would it be called and why?

I think I’d have to carry on the spice rack legacy. I don’t know, I’ve thought about cooking shows and all that but I really don’t have an answer off the cuff for ya.

How about a silly reality show based on your life?

I think it would have to take after Dr. Seuss, Oh the places you’ll go. I’ve been bouncing around and traveling around for the past ten years and haven’t really put roots down. I’ve just had some really crazy experiences in those ten years. Including Hell’s Kitchen obviously. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens in the next ten.

And what are you up to now? How is life after Hell’s Kitchen?

Well I just got back from Las Vegas, I was cooking at a Michelin Star restaurant out there. I actually moved out there a few weeks after I exited Hell’s Kitchen. The drama contained, I got into a kitchen where things were just insane, high pressured, and high passed. Hell’s Kitchen was a good introduction to me entering that kitchen. And since then I moved home to watch the season with my family. And I returned to a local restaurant here in town near Philadelphia and have cooked with one of my old chefs actually. I think I’m getting out of the kitchen now but I’m not sure what’s next.

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