Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Walter Shall Snack Again! Plus Plenty of Tasty Smackdowns!

Yes, it’s true – Fringe’s Walter Bishop will have an opportunity to satisfy a whole new season’s worth of snack cravings! (Hopefully The Observer has a well-stocked fridge.) Plus for those shows whose futures are far less certain, fans continue to rally.

And what would be cooler than Wolverine vs. Nina Sharp? Heroes’ Milo Ventimiglia intends to find out.

More Of Sylar’s Insatiable Need for Brains Existential Clarification! And More of Walter’s Insatiable Need for Pudding Cups!

This week, Heroes and Fringe both got the go-ahead for new seasons.

In the Fringe-iverse, with Nimoy on board, Liv hopping dimensions, and a season finale teasingly entitled, “There’s More Than One of Everything” (what with the “Peter is a clone” buzz at this juncture having reached fever pitch), it would have been outright cruel to deprive us of a second season. Meanwhile, what could make Heroes cast member Milo Ventimiglia even more heroic to sci fi fans?

Watch full episodes of Fringe here

Well, Fringe is Already Bringing Us Bishop vs. Bell, But Besides That…..

Ventimiglia is co-producing and starring in Ultradome, a new web series in which assorted sci fi icons go toe to toe (and light saber to bullwhip, and Jedi mind control to retractable claws, and Galactica to Death Star, and……) in the ultimate in-your-face battle for supremacy.

Perhaps even more engrossing than the concept (which yes, has been kinda sorta done before, but never gets old) is the comments section of this particular Sci Fi Wire story. Commenter Madjack puts to rest any doubts about the outcome of a Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones face-off: “…It’s really a revolver and bullwhip versus a blaster and wookie. I vote blaster and wookie.”

Too cool.

Roto-Rooter Plumbers vs. Jerry Bruckheimer!

As Ghost Hunters‘ spring finale recently aired, THR’s Live Feed marvels over how Jason and Grant continue to draw a growing viewership with each passing season: “You have the writers, actors, directors, special effects people on primetime dramas working like mad trying to keep audiences entertained and still watching their numbers slide, yet here’s the Roto-Rooter plumbers wandering around with flashlights saying they just heard a voice and their audience somehow keeps growing.”

Watch full episodes of Ghost Hunters here

There’s something to be said for big budget extravaganzas, but it’s also kind of cool that many of us remain kids at heart, perpetually questing to re-enact the simple pleasures in life – like listening to ghost stories around a campfire, and freaking each other out with the whole flashlight-under-the-chin thing.

If this compulsion leaves Jerry Bruckheimer crying into his flute of Cristal, hey, that’s just an added bonus.

Sarah Connor Fans vs. People Who Don’t Know A Good Show When They See One!

Slice of Sci Fi highlighted a number of ways in which Sarah Connor fans can still fight the future of cancellation. (The big decision about TSCC’s renewal will supposedly take place yet this month.) There’s a Flickr group that strives to work the product placement angle (more on this particular project at I09); Facebook fan page link; and a bounty of suggestions at Terminator Wiki about letter writing campaigns and more “Save One Show” type polls.

Do your part. This one is worth rallying for.

Watch full episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles here

Alpha vs. Pretty Much Everyone

Hercules over at Ain’t It Cool News has seen (and drops some enticing teasers about) Dollhouse‘s finale tonight. He manages to invoke both Apocalypse Now and Blade Runner in the process.

OK, OK. That does sound pretty impressive.

Watch full episodes of Dollhouse here

No Smackdowns Here, Just Some Tasty Sound Bites….

At Sci Fi Wire, John Cho (Sulu in a certain popular sci fi francise movie currently playing) discusses being lured to the small screen by the pilot of ABC’s Flash Forward; and Jasika Nicole (Fringe) drops some clues about the Fringe finale and season two….impressively, without once summoning the name “Leonard Nimoy.” Well, she’s got more restraint than me.

Leonard Nimoy! Leonard Nimoy! Leonard Nimoy! Leonard Nimoy! (Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system. For now.)

Till next week………..

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