Who Gives A Twit?

The best reality show in the world isn’t on television, it’s on Twitter. Yesterday, co-stars Melissa Gilbert and new resident twitsmith, Kirstie Alley, in between tweets about working out and renaming their private parts “Harvey Levin”, pulled a TMZ of their own. They busted someone posting twits as Steve Buscemi. With over 42k followers, fake Steve was the Bernie Madoff of Twitter. At the beginning of the week, Kirstie offered fake Steve a “make-out session” then after a few days of exchanging tweets, she smelled a tw’onzi scheme happening right under her fingertips.

While I’ll miss fake Steve’s tweets, Kirstie and Melissa are a welcome addition. The pair already has a title they twitted should they ever do an exercise DVD, “Little Fat Actresses on the Prairie!!” How can you not love them? Before signing off and wishing the twitterverse a “good night”, Kirstie asked us to all send some birthday tweets to Melissa Gilbert today. Sure thing, and welcome to the twitterhood.

From her bed watching “The Tudors”, Star Jones tweeted why she’s a fan; “I’m a history buff…so every week after the episode; I do the research on what is presented versus what really happened.” Oh, kind of like telling the world you exercised & dieted instead of the truth about undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

Newly single and looking to tw’ingle, Sarah Silverman took us into the mind of a television host; “you see in the title sequence Tyra has her producer hat on –see her use her forefingers and thumbs to frame as she explains what she wants.” I heard Sarah used this exact technique during the breakup talk with Jimmy Kimmel.

Seems comedian Paula Poundstone has decided that actually telling jokes is passé; “I’ve got a bag full of funny stuff, and I’m on my way to Huntington, NY.” Sounds good, Paula. At this point I’d try anything, the bag full of funny stuff works great for Carrot Top.

Now it’s time to feast on some tweets. Let’s lead off with our new reality team…

Melissa Gilbert @ 7:58PM 5/7/09: Kirstie, I had such fun today but now I can’t move my legs! What happen? What did u do to me?? Kirstie Alley @ 1:04PM 5/7/09: I just fixed Melissa’s toilet! Harvey Levin @2:46PM 5/7/09: we found the best music for the new show…it sounds sort of like Bay City Rollers…love Bay City Rollers! Matthew Perry @9:04PM 5/2/09: Just cooked a baked ziti and now I’m going to watch the reader. My transformation into being a woman is almost complete. Pink @8:20PM 5/6/09: i just bought kosher wine at the liquor store. Demi Moore @8:34PM 5/7/09: Hit Target for a laundry hamper, had dinner and can’t figure out why I am exhausted and ready for bed! Judah Friedlander @10:03PM 5/5/09: My TV doesn’t get the “Biggest Loser” because I’m a winner. Seth Rogen @4:42PM 5/7/09: I hate kids. Sean Combs @7:52PM 5/7/09: On the way to voice lessons. Alyssa Milano @6:49PM 5/6/09: I’m going to go back to my boring life now and feed my boring animals. And then feed me. LOL.

Alyssa, compared to the other tweets, you seem to have the most exciting life of the bunch.

What do I give a Twit about? The latest ‘Survivor,’ the finale of ‘Scrubs‘ and ‘The Office”s dance party. Watch with me.

Tweet out!!!

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