Tuned In: What’s Hot, Hotter And Definitely Not Happening In TV

In last night’s thrilling finish of the ‘Amazing Race,’ siblings Tammy and Victor edged out former NFL cheerleaders Jaime and Cara and mother-son team Luke and Margie to claim the $1 million first prize. At the finale party, the victorious Tammy said her brother “Just pounded away at the final roadblock even though Luke was so far ahead. It was intense.” When asked what she’d do with her share of the winnings, Tammy replied, “I took my whole law school tuition out on student loans, so my money’s going there.” Victor and Tammy’s beaming parents flew in just for the finale all the way from Taiwan and were scheduled to fly back tonight.

One touching moment during the final challenge was when Jaime and Luke teamed up to help each other. Luke showed Jaime the “Jesus” surfboard she was missing, and Jaime in returned showed Luke the “Beetle” surfboard he needed. Jaime said in fact, “I’d never leave Luke behind. We had such a strong connection through out the whole race, I just couldn’t leave him behind.” (Although the cheerleaders did admit later that if it was a race for first at that point, instead of second and third, all bets would have been off.)

What’s Hot: Sunday Ratings

CBS took the ratings crown Sunday night from ABC on the strength of ‘60 Minutes,’ ‘The Amazing Race’ finale and the ‘Cold Case‘ finale. On what was actually the lowest rated Sunday night of the year, ‘Desperate Housewives’ was the night’s top show overall. (This despite the fact that it was one of the worst ratings the show has ever pulled in for an original episode.) ‘The Celebrity Apprentice‘ named Joan Rivers its winner and grew its audience through out the night, culminating with the top spot in the 10pm hour.

What’s Hotter: The Celebrity Apprentice

Already renewed for another season in 2010, ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ was one of the few bright spots on NBC’s schedule this season. Once thought dead in the water, the celebrity angle has revitalized the series, and this season had buzzworthy moments frequently, such as Dennis Rodman’s boardroom intervention, Joan Rivers calling rival Annie Duke “worse than Hitler” and Donald Trump’s infamous firing of reality star Khloe Kardashian simply for having a DUI in her past. Like it or not, looks like the Donald (and his hair) are here to stay.

What’s Definitely Not Happening: King of the Hill

Long-running Fox animated series ‘King of the Hill‘ isn’t going out with a bang. Last night’s episode grabbed just over 4 million viewers. Let’s hope more viewers tune in next week for the series finale to bid the Hills and Arlen, Texas farewell. The series never got the attention it deserved for such a long run, and will be replaced in the Fox Sunday animated line-up by ‘The Cleveland Show,‘ a ‘Family Guy‘ spinoff that is already generating lots of buzz and has already been renewed for another season.

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Monday Sizzlers:

  • House: 8pm ET on Fox It’s the season finale and we’re still shaking over that steamy Huddy hook-up! In tonight’s episode, the team must deal with a patient whose brain is at war with itself.
  • Gossip Girl: 8pm ET on The CW Meet a young Lily in tonight’s special flashback episode which stars Brittany Snow and could serve as a spinoff in the Fall.
  • Castle: 10pm ET on ABC In tonight’s season finale, Castle finds out some troubling news about Beckett’s past.
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