Who Gives A Twit?

The twits were poppin’ this weekend in honor of moms everywhere. New Facebook user & tw’hipster Jane Fonda had some well wishes; “Sending lots of mothers day love out there. Partly motivated by Wanda Sykes just becoming a mother of twins!!!! Hooray.” FOX needs to ax Wanda Sykes‘ new talk show & pair her in the mornings w/Jane Fonda. Kathie Lee & Hoda Kotb would be toast.

Besides opening in Las Vegas w/his sister this fall, Donny Osmond has other cause for celebration; “Just found out Marie and I are nominated as “the greatest Utahns of all-time.” That’s only because Karl Malone is from Louisiana.

Stephen Fry twitted his idea of a fun evening; “Early bedtime has such appeal. A bed and a book speak to one’s deeps.”

Fired ‘Celebrity Apprentice‘ & ‘Deal Or No Deal‘ case opener, Claudia Jordan took us deep into her mind; “Good night Tweeps….sweet dreams…but an even better reality (ummm I just made that up….lol)” Umm, the only reason you’re allowed to get away with that tweet is because you’re in a bikini on your twitter page.

Celebrity Apprentice alumni Omarosa obviously forgot how she got where she is & had zero tweets regarding the finale. But she did twit us that she’s “writing today- putting the finishing touches on my 2nd book…” Thank goodness there’s a 2nd book. So many unanswered questions in the first Omarosa tome.

Now some t’weekend tweets from our favorite twits…

Sara Gilbert @2:06PM 5/10/09: my thoughts are with all of you who have posted that you have lost your moms and grandmas. Kevin Nealon @5:33PM 5/10/09: Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! Showing my appreciation by putting the toilet seat down and throwin some Dom on ice. In that order. Paul Feig @2:45PM 5/10/09: And, guys, seriously. It’s not unmanly to flush. Opening a stall door in a mens room is like Russian Roulette. Surprise! A fecal horrorshow! Kirstie Alley @1:50PM 5/10/09: my friend from connecticut just flew in and we are soon to leave to go to the FAT FARM..E I E I OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Jeff Garlin @3:06PM 5/10/09: Chocolate. ‘Lil Kim @8:28PM 5/8/09: someone is pretending to be me on facebook as kimberly denise jones and posting messages acting like its me and its Not me!!! John Cleese @11:30AM 5/11/09: Gjorde jo at Danmark er den glædeligvis landskab på jorden? Ben Stiller @3:31PM 5/11/09: Ahh lovely London, just saw a guy being punched out my car window. It gets friendlier here each time I visit. Larry King @3:32PM 5/10/09: the new list of baby names ranks the name LARRY at 378! My son’s name Chance is 235. There are now more Chances than Larrys! Kevin Spacey @9:26AM 5/11/09: Finally have collapsed ill today. Might tweet later if feeling better. Past month has been non stop. Not complaining just tired.

Kinda sounds like complaining to me… That’s cool, Kev. We all need to vent sometimes…

What do I give a Twit about? ‘Family Guy‘ taking on Stephen King, a sneak peek at Wednesday’s ‘America’s Next Top Model‘ finale and Michael J. Fox’s amazing special ‘Adventures of an Incurable Optimist.’


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