Who Gives A Twit?

Lots of tw’oughts laid on us yesterday in the tw’ingdom. After an appearance on The Dr.’s promoting her new book, “Your Best Birth,” Ricki Lake twitted her feelings about a fellow panelist; “That doctor was so hostile and defensive. I would hate to have to get my pap from her. Yikes.” More like “ick.” Ricki, have you ever heard the expression, too much information?

Arriving home in L.A. Monday afternoon, Ice-T shared some personal financial info; “Just got back from a quick business trip to DC. MAN the airlines suck. I’m waaaay to cheep to fly private.” And that’s why you live in a really big house and M.C. Hammer doesn’t. P.S., it’s “cheap.” All good, Ice…

Ellen DeGeneres twitted what her viewers are in store for; “Game Week starts Monday. Can’t reveal details, but you may see: sumo suits, bungee straps, apples, blindfolds, crackers, and/or dynamite.” Sounds like Ellen & Portia de Rossi cleaned out that secret shoe box in their bedroom closet.

Sam Champion had a busy night w/his 15k twitter followers; “Dead tired after watchin dwts last nite w u all…” ABC network execs, hello??? Why is Sam watching DWTS and not dancing on DWTS?

British comedian Eddie Izzard showed us that he’s not only funny, but also twilosophical; “Question for Twitterdom. There’s a saying that women multi task better than men. Is this absolutely true, often true or incorrect?” Zzzzzzz…Sorry…dozed off from your question. I guess women do, Eddie. BTW, stick with the jokes and leave the tw’isdom to trained professionals. Like today’s bunch…

Marie Osmond @12:36PM 5/12/09: I’m fine, I learned the hard way chocolate with almonds goes together better than shrimp with peanut butter.. hahaha Cindy McCain @9:31AM 5/12/09: I’ve received tweets saying migraines can be cured with a “clean diet or psycotherapy.” You are the people I’m aiming at. MIGRAINES ARE REAL. Chris Cuomo @10:00PM 5/11/09: Hope to address celibacy issue on show…and also learn to limbo (trinidad word, supp comes from “limber”)…only on GMA. Jimmy Fallon @9:07AM 5/10/09: lost my phone somewhere between Albany and my apartment. But I’ve been yelling my tweets out the window. so, no worries. Ann Curry @6:37AM 5/12/09: Ever get dressed only to discover after it’s too late that your choice is making everybody laugh? Yes, I am wearing a puffy shirt today. Verne Troyer @5:17PM 5/11/09: Got my internet back. Thank God. I wonder what it was like back in the day when we didn’t have all this technology. Sean Combs @9:38AM 5/12/09: its too hot to be running down the street in vegas!!!! This is the life of an actor!!! Joan Rivers @ 11:20PM 5/10/09: I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Annie Duke @9:39AM 5/12/09: Wow! Carrie Prejean still Miss California???? Trump is on a roll! Billy Bush @8:26AM 5/11/09: Trump Press Conference – said it right. If she wasn’t so pretty none of this would matter. Donald is right.

Ditto, Billy. Two things Trump knows better than anyone. Real estate & pretty women.

What do I give a Twit about??? House and Cuddy finally hooking up on ‘House,’ the thrilling season finale of ‘Castle,’ and another great episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

Tweet out!

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