Ashton Kutcher’s Blah Girls To TV, Ramsay’s Language Censored, And He Doesn’t Give A F***, And More!

Blah Ashton: Ashton Kutcher is bringing ‘Blah Girls’ to television – in short spurts. The webisodes – that you can currently check out here – will be shown as short interstitials on the entertainment show ‘The Insider’ at CBS. Then the show will be spun off into a half hour version on the same network. The cartoon follows itty bitty ladies as they get into comedic trouble – a sort of ‘South Park’ meets ‘Powerpuff Girls.’

Chef Ramsay’s Nightmare: Ramsay’s British version of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ has been censured by the BBC for 115 cases of foul language in the first 40 minutes of the show – all uttered by the chef himself. 51 viewers called the network to complain, but Ofcom (Britain’s FCC) did not issue any fines. The network then offered an apology, followed by Ramsay’s rep offering a sort-of apology. “Strong language is a feature of the restaurant business and Gordon is as passionate about his business on screen as well as off,” he said. “Naturally, he is sorry if some people were offended, but they should know by now that with Gordon there normally comes some pretty choice language.”

Tweeting Nightline: ‘Nightline’ has finally entered the digital age. The series is launching a webisode component called NighTline, where anchors will ask viewers to ask questions to panelists through Twitter. NightTline makes its debut tonight with Andrew McCarthy, former U.S. Attorney, and former Air Force interrogator Matthew Alexander.

From ‘Scrubs’ To College: The genius minds behind ‘Scrubs’ have teamed up again – but this time to create a series focusing on a group of misfits in community college. Garrett Donovan and Neil Goldman, writer-producers of the hospital show, have signed on with Universal Media for a 2-year deal. Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs and Yvette Nicole Brown have signed on for the pilot.

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