Who Gives A Twit?

In the old days, like last year, if a celeb wanted to hook up w/a fellow celeb, agents & publicists were needed. Today you can twit directly to your prey & twickle their fancy. Like Biggest Loser chef, Rocco DiSpirito did last night. He twitted congrats to Paula Abdul re: her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel; “Nice job on kimmel” Paula, He’s a great catch & a world famous chef. Imagine the dishes he can whip up if you’e got the munchies! She has yet to twit a reply. Stay tuned…

Also on the prowl was singer/actor/songwriter/rapper/model/VJ (hey, that’s what it says on his wiki page) Tyrese Gibson. He tried to put the twitter moves last night on Kim Kardashian; “KK! Good Lookin! … The Love Circle is growing! “Take Me Away” …..Lets fly!!” No reply from KK.

However, the ravishing Ms. Kardashian did reply to the almost Mr. Anna Nicole Smith, aka Larry Birkhead. While watching ‘American Idol‘ at home last night, Larry twitted; “real love”-my favorite mary song. Hey kim!! Saw u on idol.” KK twitted back; “Idol was so much fun!” I have dating advice because I like you, Kimmy. Take Tyrese.

And now it’s time to let our celebs tweet out on their own without any input from yours truly…

Deepak Chopra @10:12AM 5/12/09: Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there. Nicole Richie @10:32PM 5/12/09: Help I need some bandaids. Trent Reznor @ 9:32PM 5/12/09: I am missing someone. Boo hoo. Perez Hilton @9:29AM 5/13/09: Thanks, Mr. Trump. I like you too! Tony Robbins @ 12:43AM 5/12/09: Success is the result of good judgement , Good judgement is the result of Experience, & Experience is often the result of bad judgement! Rumer Willis @ 10:01AM 5/11/09: I am trying to learn something new everyday…yesterday I made a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. I’ve never made one before and it came out great. Brooke Burke @10:12AM 5/13/09: I am picking out a pool cover or gate. So ugly, but we need to be safe! Anderson Cooper @10:20AM 5/13/09: Pope in the Middle East – Who is he there for? Nancy O’Dell @9:56PM 5/13/09: Hey Lisa Rinna, good seeing you yesterday and discussing sex, a good laugh we had! Adrianne Curry @8:45AM 5/12/09: janice dickenson just totally walked into dr ryans office (boob job doc) and either ignored me or didnt recognize me.

I’m going to go with didn’t recognize you. Probably happens a lot…What do I give a Twit about? Leonard Nimoy on the ‘Fringe‘ season finale, the final three on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and the preview of tonight’s ‘Top Model’ finale.

Tweet out!!

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