Amy Ryan Leaves ‘The Office,’ Michael

by | May 14, 2009 at 12:50 PM | TV News

Holly Flax returns to ‘The Office’ tonight but it will signal the end of the road for her and Michael Scott.

Amy Ryan is back as Holly for a company picnic event. But she brings an unfortunate accessory – a new boyfriend. “Right now Holly has a hot boyfriend,” Ryan says to E!. “[The finale] is a company picnic, and he works at the Nashua branch, so yeah, he is there. Michael responds to this in his usual, as-you-would-expect way.” Which spells out doom for Steve Carrell’s bumbling and fumbling character, Michael Scott, who is still in love with the cold, blonde cutie.

Will there be a chance for love in the future between the two of them? “I think that door [to return] will always be open, just because it’s such a nice party to go to,” she added. “But that said, there are no plans any time soon for them to be reunited again.”

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