‘Blossom’ Star, Mayim Bialik, to Kick Off ‘What Not To Wear’

Time leaves no one behind. Except, of course, if you’re a 90’s flower child who was seemingly behind the times even then – at least as far as fashion is concerned.

‘Blossom’ star Mayim Bialik, now 33, has agreed to allow ‘What Not to Wear’ hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly put the “hip” back in hippie by succumbing to a total wardrobe revamp for the WNTW premiere.

“I’m not trendy, I’m not hip, I don’t understand fashion. I have weird taste,” Bialik told TV Guide. “When you hear that you need a makeover from your mom or your best friend, you don’t take it seriously, but when you’re attacked on the street and shown yourself in this mirror that highlights how dumpy you look, it really hits home.”

Sounds as if Stacy and Clinton, who together have worked miracles on previous shows, may have to perform another.

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