Christian Group To Yell “God” In Crowded Theaters

When The Da Vinci Code came out, there were angry religious protests who tried to shout down the film sight unseen. Now, for this Friday’s sequel Angels and Demons, a Christian group calling itself The Resistance has declared their intention to actually shout their arguments in the middle of actual screenings. Even though the Vatican and Catholic officials have deemed the film “harmless,” The Resistance claims that Angels and Demons is sending out a dangerous message. They believe the shadowy organization called the Illuminati is actually real and responsible for 9/11 and the ecnomic crisis, so they are protesting a movie in which Tom Hanks is fighting to stop the Illuminati from blowing up the Vatican. How exactly is that a dangerous message again?

So be prepared to be annoyed if someone stands up and starts barking dogma in the middle of your crowded theater while you’re trying to watch Noted Symbologist Robert Langdon solve puzzles and spout out random tangential bits of exposition despite his race against the clock.

Watch this clip of the Camerlengo (Ewan McGregor) explaining to the Cardinals about the Illuminati’s attack.

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