Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Wormholes Gone Wild!

There’s a veritable pageantry of portals going on. Dinosaurs, and spare Peters, and all sorts of amazing things have been pouring out of ’em. Or getting sucked in. It’s enough to make a girl (or some girls, anyway) want to smash a hydrogen bomb with a rock and just end it all, already.

Plus a couple of presumed-dead shows start twitching their little pinkie fingers! You know….just like in the scary movies, when the rampaging psycho on the loose gets electrocuted, and stabbed, and choked, and shot, and then falls to the ground, finally, so the surviving protagonists feel safe, and turn their backs on the supine psycho for a minute to hug with relief, and……..well, you won’t guess which sci fi shows might be coming back in similar fashion.

Primeval Sacks Summer Stagnation

J.J. Abrams may have packed up his assorted small-screen circus tents for the moment, but the summer sci-fi-scape isn’t totally deserted. To kick off the seasonal second wave of original programming, BBC America launches its third season of Primeval tomorrow night. Joining the cast is Jason Flemying, whose previous credits include a turn(s) as Jeckyll and Hyde in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – not to mention his status as a Guy Ritchie regular. (Extra off-screen sci fi credit granted due to the fact that his dad directed a couple of Doctor Who movies. Plus he dated Lena Headey for a while.) Flemying doesn’t actually show up until episode 2, but is worth the wait.

A sneak preview of Episode 1 reveals that Ben Stiller is not the only fellow known to spend quality afterhours in an art-amassing location. Guess where the latest anomaly pops up? (At least it happens after closing. Sure, it would have been funnier to watch that colossal croc creature cutting a swath through a small throng of snooty scholars, but you can’t have everything.) At any rate, Primeval tends to offer a fun creature-of-the-week format without taking itself too seriously. Worth a look-see if you’d rather watch something rather than just stare forlornly at the space where Walter Bishop used to be. Watch a clip from the new season here.

Also, per Variety, Warner Bros. has recently paid “high six figures” to bring the Primeval franchise to the big screen, meaning this little show is about to get a whole lotta extra attention.

[iframe 420 355]

That Fringe Finale

Oh, Peter. Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter.

Never mind Nimoy. And no, I can’t believe I just wrote that, either. It’s just that (a) I guess I was getting myself a little too excited about what amounted to a ten second cameo, and (b) it’s a testament to J.J. Abrams’ Abrams-ness that he managed to upstage TEN seconds of Spock with a FIVE second shot of Peter’s freakin’ grave.

Not that we’ve ever looked to Walter to be a beacon of paternal brilliance, but…..I hope that cushy FBI Consultant gig provides a solid insurance plan. ‘Cause I see some serious Jungian regression therapy in Peter’s future.

And, over at I09, Annalee Newitz has penned a great piece on “Why Bad Science is Good on Fringe.”


That Lost Finale

Oh, Juliet. Juliet, Juliet, Juliet, Juliet, Juliet.

(I don’t actually watch the show myself, but this is the lament I keep reading on the message boards, so it seemed only fair to grant such a beloved show a little equal opportunity godsmackedness.)

Well, Elizabeth Mitchell had to clear her schedule for that whole V adventure, right? Is anyone really thinking that star-studded pilot won’t get picked up for official series-hood? Watch the finale here.

[iframe 420 355]

That Dollhouse Finale

So, the flaming, mangled carcass lying half-dead in a ditch next to the road that leads toward Friday night oblivion? Might not be Dollhouse’s! Now this is a cliffhanger worthy of Whedon.

Despite reporting that Dollhouse’s finale viewership hit an all-time low, this morning THR’s Live Feed reports that Fox exes are “leaning toward” bringing it back. Huh? (Are we sure they’re not just doing the whole rubbernecking-at-a-bad-accident thing?)

I admit that I wasn’t too sad about Dollhouse being on life support…..till Alan Tudyk showed up and brought his A game.

Final decision due Monday. Stay tuned. Also performing a potentially death defying stunt…..

Reaper Revival?

Despite earlier talk to the contrary, seems Reaper‘s neck might be spared the mighty scythe of cancellation. Sort of. According to Reuters, ABC is mighty interested in creating some new eps (for syndication, anyway) if the CW continues to turn a cold shoulder on Satan’s stooges.

Awwwww. It’s like ABC was strolling the pound and couldn’t resist those sad little “Don’t let them euthanize me!” puppy dog eyes that Lucifer’s lapdog was making. Yeah. Wait till you get it home and it chews your shoes. Or culls your soul.

But it’s still nice to hear about such reprieves.

Caprica’s First Cylon Is All, Like, Whatever, About Her Role in Franchise History

In an interview at Sci Fi Wire, Alessandra Torresani discusses playing the very first ever walking, talking, eerily human-like Cylon in the Battlestar mythology. No pressure or anything.

Oh, wait – pressure never entered into it, ’cause when she landed the role, she, like, just thought BSG was some cheesy 70s show or something…..

Vampire Diaries Starts Sucking Up Staff

The Vampire Diaries is looking more and more likely to take a bite out of the hot hot hot-from-the-oven True Blood- and Twilight-flavored pie, according to Reuters. A “highly praised script,” and “execution of pilot” have now led to the crucial “hiring staff” phase of becoming an actual, real, living and breathing (or undead, in this case) series.

Now, if they’d just move on to the ‘hiring the next Robert Pattinson’ phase, they’d have a sure thing.

And that’s that in small screen sci fi, for this week.

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