Who Gives A Twit?

With less than 30 days till the launch of his new A&E reality series, ‘Hammertime‘, and over 3500 tweets to his name, M.C. Hammer is alive and twicking! Besides being totally twit-savvy; he posts twitpics, links & downloads, all in addition to his priceless tweets, Hammer’s been receiving positive unsolicited tw’ibes from the twitterverse, like this tweet from Sean Combs: “I just saw a commercial for mc hammers reality show on A and E!!! I can’t wait to see it! I’m a big mc hammer fan! Congrats hammer!!!!!” If anyone can bring the Hammerpants to the forefront for today’s fashion conscious youth, it’s Sean John. BTW, we can’t wait for the show either. Looks like a winner!

Busy week for Hammer, he’s been in twit tw’alks with Mr. Lenny Kravitz, Rolling Stone Magazine, Virgin America and responding to many of his 650k followers. He even paid a visit to Twitter headquarters and met with Twitter founder, Evan Williams. Hammer’s back! I’d like to RT (Re-tweet 4 U un-hip tw’hipsters) Hammer’s tweet in reply to Puff Daddy and offer it to M.C. hisself; “My Brother, much love.” Twitto Twitty….

Celebrating a Twitter anniversary was my new fave twitster, Kirstie Alley. As we all know from her updates, she’s at the fat farm since Mother’s Day working out. She twitted Friday afternoon; “Today is my second week anniversary of being on twitter..happy anniversary to me…I think someone should buy me an Aston Martin as a gift.” And who says actresses aren’t high maintenance? Here’s an offer. Drop the 85 you said in People you packed on, and I’ll lease you one for a month. Honest.

In her first week Kirstie busted people impersonating Steve Buscemi and Ben Stiller. Since she’s busy this week on the treadmill, her twit-pal and author Melissa Gilbert (her memoir, ‘Prairie Tale,’ comes out 6/9/09) is taking over. Melissa twitted to Kevin Spacey Friday afternoon; “I just sent you an email to verify if you, are in fact, you. I am, in fact me.” Missy, it’s him. Kevin was twittin’ backstage on camera this week from The Tonight Show. I can understand the confusion though; Kevin has been twitted plenty from his followers about his poor spelling. It’s a disappointment; he’s always given off the impression of a good speller. Memo to Kevin, certain Twitter apps have spell check. You’re welcome…big fan.

Dr. Phil twitted some vital info for parents today; “Nutmeg, candy and air freshener may seem like common products, but your teen may actually abuse these items.” Seriously, Doc? How? Do you blend them? Get in touch ASAP! It’s the weekend!!!

And speaking of the weekend, have a great one!!

Sean Combs @7:16PM 5/12/09: Who you got? Orlando or boston???!!! Shaquille O’Neal @4:58AM 5/14/09: orlandos gonna kill boston. Katy Perry @9:26PM 5/12/09: I’ve taken so many steroids in the past week I feel like I could throw cars like dice, transformers style. Bob Vila @12:51 5/12/09: It doesn’t take much space to set up a home gym. Rainn Wilson @2:22PM 5/15/09: feel tweird today. Donnie Wahlberg @12:01 AM 5/15/09: People..The world is evolving. Changing. Some see mysery. Some see no hope. I see light- the future is what we make it. Let’s shine. Criss Angel @5:13PM 5/12/09: For my next trick, I’ll need a wallet, social security number and a one way ticket out of the country. Any volunteers? Kal Penn @8:23PM 5/13/09: Headed to Djibouti – part 2 of the tour. Yes, Djibouti. I’m sure immature comments will follow.. Ryan Seacrest @ 11:12AM 5/15/09: Building firedrill at E! Offices now. Melissa Rivers @5:17PM 5/11/09: Just left Waverly Inn. Was with Justin Gimmelstob. Thank goodness he was cool enough to be there, cause I wasn’t.

Nonsense. You’re cool. Matter of fact, you’re kewl. And…I love the new hairdo…the bangs rock.

What do I give a Twit about? Only one thing: Is Izzie really dead? Watch the ‘Grey’s’ finale here and let me know what you think. Then we’ll talk.

Tweet out!!

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