ANTM Judge Axed Because Of The Economy?

Maybe Paulina Porzikova wasn’t asked to leave America’s Next Top Model because of her “huge ego” as she previously indicated. Perhaps the country’s tough current economy has something to do with it.

“The current state of the economy has forced shows to make major budget cuts industry wide, and America’s Next Top Model is not immune to these financially challenging times,” Ken Mok, ANTM‘s executive producer explained to

“We’ve had to make significant cuts in every area of the production and, unfortunately, Paulina was a casualty of these cuts,” he added.

Paulina had previously indicated that she had been fired from the show on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, saying “…I figured it was either that or my gigantic huge ego. Which I wasn’t aware of until I was told by the producers that I have an ego problem.”

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Who do YOU think is telling the truth? Was Paulina given the fashion boot because of her ego or are producers really cutting back on costs?

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