The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – Amazing Race Season 14 – AFTERMATH

The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – Amazing Race Season 14 AFTERMATH

Hello Everyone!

The AFTERMATH of each Amazing Race season is always intriguing to behold……for today’s Blog, we have an update on winners Tammy & Victor, LETTERS from you guys, the Final Update on Phil Keoghan’s Ride Across America, and a look toward what lies ahead for Amazing Race fandom……..

Let’s get started with today’s BLOG!

Teams Past & Present CONVERGED in New York City for the Finale

This year, 9 of the 11 teams from Amazing Race Season 14 converged together in New York City to enjoy the Finale episode together! The last time these teams were together was at Mike White’s Season 14 reunion party, which we covered back in March:

FANCAST LINK – Amazing Race Party at Mike White’s house.

The 9-teams INVADED Stitch Bar & Lounge on 37th Street in NYC, to PARTY-IT-UP with fans, friends, and family members! The only Racers who were unable to attend were Mel & Mike, Mark & Michael, Jen, and Christie. Several Racers from past seasons attended as well, including “Fratboy” Dan, Season 11 champion Eric, Terence & Sarah, Nate & Jen, and Tom & Terry.


As the WINNERS of Season 14, Tammy & Victor have been busy on the media-circuit, discussing the BIG WIN!

The morning after the Finale aired, the Final 3 teams made their way to the CBS Early Show studios in NYC for the CHECK PRESENTATION with Phil Keoghan………

Tammy & Victor on the CBS EARLY SHOW:

While still in NYC, Tammy & Victor hit the REGIS & KELLY Show!

[iframe 445 364]

The next destination for Tammy & Victor was LOS ANGELES for the Bonnie Hunt Show!

[iframe 445 364]


We mentioned a few Blogs ago that we wanted to hear YOUR opinions on the Season! So it’s time to turn the platform over to YOU guys! There were a lot of STRONG opinions voiced in this season — especially regarding the Margie & Luke versus Kisha & Jen feud. Here are a selection of letters we have received since the Finale:

Kynt & Vyxsin:
Great season and I have to say I am very happy with the winners. Tammy and Victor did a super job and worked hard for the win. Was a great ending. Brother and Sister teams have now won for two seasons straight, is that the secret to winning the Amazing Race?
Tom Kang
Los Angeles, CA

Kynt and Vyxsin:
I was happy with this Race season but I lost a lot of respect for Margie and Luke by the end. My sister and I are both deaf and we started this Season cheering for them and we even had a FaceBook fan club for them. I now feel like Luke is nothing more than a spoiled brat. I am sorry for his condition of deafness but the way his mother tried to cover up his terrible behaviour with Kisha and Jen by using the ‘he’s deaf” excuse was truly embarrassing. Yes Luke deaf people can do anything: sometimes we can change the world, other times we can be conniving spoiled brats like you. Thank you for pointing that out.
Rachel Davis & Mark Davis
Charlotte, North Carolina

Kynt and Vyxsin,
I cried when Luke and Margie lost the Race. They tried so hard and they deserved to win far more than two super-wealthy California lawyers. Luke and Margie taught us a lot about the deaf world and point of view.
Nicole Guarrasi
Houston, Texas

Kynt & Vyxsin –
Kisha and Jen really got a terrible edit when it came to the fight with Margie and Luke. I do not for one second believe Margie’s finger-pointing toward the girls that they were “laughing at Luke’s deafness.” Get real Margie. Thanks also for the interview with Raz Meirman, I am living right now in Tel-Aviv.
Mike Carwell
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Kynt and Vyxsin:
Can we get a “stupidest team in Amazing Race history” award for Mark & Michael??
Chaz Krim
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

K & V
I really liked both Margie and Luke and Kisha and Jen and was so sad that they seemed to become such enemies. Seeing my two favorite teams arguing was hard. I hope they can become friends after the Race has ended.
Patricia Benning
Louisville, KY

Pink and Black:
Mark and Michael got screwed at that their elimination. They get time penalties for giving cab drivers there belongings while Kisha and Jen bummed free rides from cab drivers in the same episode? Not fair my friends, not fair. Loved the stuntmen, they always seemed so happy.
Thanks for the updates!
Taylor Jackson
Juneau, Alaska

Kynt, Vyxsin
Although the show never really mentioned it, Mel White is a remarkable activist for Gay Rights. His organization is called Soulforce and I encourage you guys to check it out at: Mel is a “once of a kind’ individual, former speech writer for Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. I am sad that we did not get to see Mel and Mike race for longer. I too am gay and have felt the oppression that Mel is fighting against.
Chad S.
Miami, Florida

Kynt and Vyxsin
Thanks for promoting Phil’s Ride Across America. It means so much that he is trying to cure MS. I feel like Phil is more than just another cheesy Reality Show Host. I see Phil in an all new light.
David Low
Portland, Oregon

Kynt and Vyxsin
No matter what anyone says about the Redheads. Yes they were ruthless and mean to their cab drivers but for some reason I still really liked them. And congratulations to them for making it to #2. Hope to see them on All-Stars.
Andrew Foster
San Diego, CA


On the Friday before the Race Finale aired, Phil Keoghan FINISHED his “Ride Across America” with a grand arrival in New York City!

If you didn’t know, Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan embarked on a BIKE-RIDE across America —- his MISSION was to raise awareness and funds for the US National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The ride also coincided with the launch of Phil’s own NOW One Square Meal Bars at GNC stores nationwide. [Sidenote: NOW is an acronym for “No Opportunity Wasted,” the title of Phil’s popular self-motivational

If you would like to try Phil’s NOW One Square Meal Bars, they ARE available! You can purchase Phil’s Bars at any GNC store, or online at this LINK. [NOTE: the GNC website is currently offering 20% off on the bars!!!]

After 3500+ Miles, 42 days, and 39 cities, Phil’s Ride concluded when he reached the CBS Early Show in NYC.

[iframe 445 364]

At the Finish Line, Phil stated that the best part of the trip was the thousands of people he met along the way —– from Amazing Race fans to people living with MS. The worst part of his trip was getting sick in Nebraska, where he was rushed to an emergency room. Phil mentioned that it was the hardest physical challenge of his life.

We would like to take a moment to THANK the Blog Readers from all over the country who have emailed us PHOTOS each week from Phil’s various stops across the USA.

Let’s recap Phil the FINISH of Phil’s RIDE ACROSS AMERICA with photos……

We cannot THANK Phil enough for this incredible journey to help wipe out Multiple Sclerosis. He raised over $400,00 in just a little over a month………..that is just UNREAL!!!!

IMPORTANT: If you missed the chance to Ride with Phil, you can STILL help!!! To make a donation to the National MS Society, please visit their page.


We’re happy to be appearing in a feature ARTICLE & PICTORIAL for the website of one of our all-time FAVORITE music magazines: AP – ALTERNATIVE PRESS!

AP is covering our recent visit to Disneyland for the annual BATS DAY event —– you can check it out at the this LINK.

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If you live in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA or a surrounding area and would like to “talk Race” in person, come out to FRIGHT NIGHT LA —- Friday June 5th!!!

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With the Amazing Race 14 now CONCLUDED on CBS…….you are going to have to travel by any means necessary over to the TRAVEL CHANNEL to get your weekly dose of the series………

If you MISSED any of this season’s episodes, or would like to re-live the adventure, mark your calendars:

*EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT – 11pm – REPLAY of the NEW Amazing Race Season 14 – TRAVEL CHANNEL


This entry concludes our Amazing Race BLOG for Season 14……and what a fun experience it has been.

THANK YOU to all of the Readers who enjoyed our coverage each week…..and a SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of the BLOG Readers who came out to meet us at various events and conventions!

We’ll be back with you for the Amazing Race Season 15, which is expected to premiere on CBS before the end of 2009.

Until then, you can keep us with us at our MySpace, FaceBook, and Twitter Pages which are listed for you below………..

Stay tuned to for the best in entertainment updates and news!

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Kynt and Vyxsin

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