First Look at Robert Downey Jr. as “Sherlock Holmes”

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Things may still be elementary for Sherlock Holmes, but most of those elements have been changed radically by Guy Ritchie.

We’ve now got our first look at the revamp of the brilliant, if stuffy detective as a vagabond man of action and debauchery, which makes it a perfect fit for Robert Downey Jr. and his effortless charm. Partnered with Jude Law as a much less rotund Dr. Watson and dealing with Rachel McAdams as a duplicitous harlot, we’ve got the makings of a franchise reboot with the potential fun level of Star Trek. Check it out!

Of course, one can’t truly appreciate what’s being done for this new film without appreciating the classic portrayals of the World’s Greatest Detective that have made him such an iconic character. Check out the late great Peter Cushing as Holmes in the free Fancast film The Hound of the Baskervilles.

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