Ruben Studdard Drops a New Album, Kisses Sleep Goodbye

If Ruben Studdard is the gold standard for American Idols, then this season’s winner has some expensive shoes to fill. Taking a break from his demanding (and exhausting) portrayal of Fats Waller in the national tour of Ain’t Misbehavin,’ Ruben talked to Fancast about the projects he’s currently working on.

And if the crazy schedule that Ruben told us about is any indication, current Idols Kris and Adam better sleep while they have the chance.

“Eight shows a week is the most ridiculous amount of shows that I’ve done since American Idol,” he said. “And on top of that I’ve been doing interviews every day [for my album].”

Just to clarify: he’s got a national tour of one of the most popular Broadway plays of all time, a new album to promote, his charity work (for sickle cell anemia), and he’s got a newlywed wife at home. Does he sleep? Thankfully, his wife came in handy when he was in a pinch.

“My wife actually chose the name of the album. I wanted to name it something different but the label didn’t like the name. So I asked if she had any suggestions and she came up with “Love Is.”

Ruben performed the first single on the album, “Together,” at his old stomping grounds on American Idol. For him, it was a chance to catch up with Randy and Paula— but don’t bother asking who he’s rooting for to win. He won’t be able to tell you.

“I haven’t had time to watch at all. I’ve been on stage every day at 7:30 since October. It’s been really difficult to keep up with what’s going on.”

Well, whether he’s an Adam or a Kris fan, it’s good to know that Ruben is holding up the fort for Idol alums.

Ruben Studdard’s ‘Love IS,’ his fourth album and first release since 2006, is out this week on Hickory Records / 19 Recordings. Studdard is wrapping up a tour with the musical Ain’t Misbehavin’ and will perform June 13 at New York City’s Central Park Summerstage. His music video for “Together” has also just been released. Check it out below and check Ruben’s website for more info.

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