Who Gives A Twit?

All of Twitter nation welcomed its newest inductee yesterday, Kelly Osbourne. In less than one day she amassed over 6,000 followers and should be good for some valuable tweets soon enough. Kelly twitted the possibilities to Kim Kardashian: “i cant believe it….. i feel like i will get in trouble on this big time…!” We can only hope so. Welcome aboard!

Before her Broadway show ’33 Variations’ closes Thursday, Jane Fonda was twittin’ about her new friend, Mr. Tony Soprano, aka James Gandolfini. “James Goldofini came to the show and we went out after for a drink(s). What fun!!!! I was sooo worried he wouldn’t like the show but he did.” I wonder how much he liked being called “Goldofini”? Get his name right, ‘Wadda you wanna you get whacked?

Nicole Richie twitted her review of a season finale: “Gossip Girl was… well… if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all” Hey Nicole, why don’t you post your television capsule reviews here at Fancast? We’d love to know what shows get your tweets up or tweets down.

Russell Simmons is busy with a new reality show: “My show..American Mogul is about my team and I managing 5 charities. Do people think its about frivalous or small minded behavior? I am not janice dickerson and I am not shooting that show” Wow, Russell. I think you owe Janice an apology. But, I have a better idea. Why not make your show about 6 charities & include Janice as the last one? Then you can just pay her instead of being sued for twitter slander.

Now let’s here from some celebs that enjoy tweeting pleasantries…

Katy Perry @4:33PM 5/18/09: Just finished a violent game of dodgeball. Sushi now. Ice-ing my boobs… They always stick out, damn handicap. Ice-T @8:42PM 5/19/09: Old??? I don’t look bad for 65!!! Demi Moore @8:15AM 5/20/09: couldn’t we all use a box of crayons? Adam Lambert @7:45AM 5/20/09: wish me and Kris all the luck for tomorrows result show, whoever wins me and kris are still a STAR! right? haha sleep tyt. Elisabeth Hasselback @10:36PM 5/19/09: kris could absorb danny’s votes and come away vicorious- we will find out tomorrow. ate too much cereal…need to sleep. Perez Hilton @7:33AM 5/20/09: Anderson Cooper regrets teabagging! Jeff Garlin @ 4:16AM 5/20/09: why am I up at 4:15? I’m feeling way too much stress. This week I’m starting Transcendental Meditation. Deepak Chopra @7:48PM 5/19/09: Thank you to all who took The Vow of Non-Violence. Sending you all of my love and gratitude. Kevin Spacey @7:19AM 5/19/09: I woke after an amazing sleep to discover that we passed the 300 thou mark. I remain amazed & humbled. You rule! Billy Bush @9:53PM 5/19/09: What a night. My wife and daughter found a lost dog. 120lbs of huge hairy dog. He was far from home. Called owner…what a reunion!

Good going, Billy… And to steal a line from Kevin Spacey’s tweet, you rule.

What do I give a twit about? I suggest you watch Fox’s new series, “Glee.” In fact, consider Fancast your official Glee-spot!

Tweet out!

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