CBS Officially Picks Up ‘Medium’

In addition to giving it glowing praise, CBS has given new life to the Patricia Arquette drama, ‘Medium.’ Less than a week after the series was canceled by NBC, it was picked up by CBS and is now assured a sixth season.

“If you make television shows in 2009, you’re always worried,” Medium’s executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron told the L.A. Times. “You’re never sure that there will be a place for your show.” “[Leslie Moonves] has been an enormous friend and supporter and advocate of mine,” Caron said. “He’s always been interested in the pilot. We’ve all said, ‘Wouldn’t it have been funny if the show had somehow ended up on CBS at one point or another?’ This has been a five-year conversation.”

Caron produced ‘Now and Again’ for CBS in 1999.

“We had an expectation that we’d be back on NBC and I think NBC had an expectation that we’d be back on NBC. But, obviously things changed.”

It’s understood that NBC huge gamble by giving Jay Leno his own primetime slot (10 PM – Monday thru Friday) has tied the network’s hands when it comes to reupping series and the number of episodes it can afford for each with ‘Medium’ being on the bubble.

“I think it’s pretty clear that when a studio sells a show to a network, there’s a deal worked in anticipation a show might last five, six, seven years,” he said. “And, in turn, NBC wanted to modify those terms, both in terms of the number of episodes and what they were willing to pay for them. So this was a negotiation and this is how it ended up.”

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