Moon Bloodgood’s Missing “Terminator” Nudity

by | May 21, 2009 at 9:34 PM | The Movies

Terminator: Salvation director McG recently revealed recently that he shot a scene for the grim and gritty action flick which featured a bit of nudity from its foxiest star Moon Bloodgood, who plays a badass pilot who finds the vagabond Marcus (Sam Worthington) and helps bring him into the Resistance. He also implied that she was adamant about doing it, but Moon clarified that by giving us her take on nudity in film, as well as what we might see on the DVD.

“I wasn’t fighting for it,” she said. “I just don’t like to feel that, as a woman, I should be apologetic about my sexuality or that I made a choice because I was forced into it. I thought the scene was appropriate, I thought it was beautiful. I have a very European feel about nudity. I just don’t, as a woman, ever feel that I have to confine myself and be a certain way when sexuality is a part of me. I didn’t fight for it, but I didn’t fight against it. I just said ‘if it’s right for the scene.’”

As for what the scene actually was?

“I think they cut it out. It’s a moment where I’m cleaning off a wound and I feel Sam staring at me, and I just kind of turn back. It’s just a quick silhouette. It’s not gross or in your face. It’s just a moment when you’re feeling naked, and ‘this is my sexuality and here I am. I’m a strong woman and can you handle it?’”