Baldwin & Dickinson: Speidi’s Already Scheming, Sanjaya Will Likely Die Of Starvation

Janice Dickinson and Stephen Baldwin are getting ready to give up some of the comforts that go along with a celebrity lifestyle – like double tall lattes, paparazzi infiltration and ultra suede couches. In just a few days they are being shipped off to the jungles of Costa Rica to compete in the reincarnated version of ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!‘.

The two recently gave us their spin on why we should watch and why they’ll give it their all. Because this time, there’s a twist…. It’s all gonna be live! And if these stars’ bickering is any indication of what we can expect on the show, it’s sure to be a rumble in the jungle.

Stephen, what continues to draw you to reality projects?

Stephen Baldwin: Well I, you know, I’ve been seeking psychiatric help. I’ve been trying to find an answer to that myself. No, I think that, you know, I’ve been making movies for 20 years and, you know, I’ve really been blessed; I’ve done a lot of different things. And I just think that reality and the psychology of reality is such a fascinating dynamic.

It’s going to be a chance really for different individuals to really be who they are and express themselves and, you know, whatever that means to the individual. And for me as kind of kooky as reality seems I really enjoy that aspect of it. It’s an opportunity to be in an environment with people who you might not ever hear those different perspectives from whether it be faith-based or political or whatever.

You can just get into these live conversations that, you know, that can quite often become quite dynamic and dramatic and intense. And I just love, you know, the spontaneity and the danger of that. I’m a sky diver and I race motorcycles and I just love that, you know, I love that at any point during “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here”, you know, Spencer Pratt might, you know, beat the crap out of me. It’s just exciting.

Janice Dickinson: I don’t think he’d win.

Stephen Baldwin: Well, you know, never underestimate the sexy guy.

Janice Dickinson: My money would be on you, pal. What’s he ever done? Stephen, you’re a star. Spencer, what did he ever do? He got married, you know, on the Hills, big deal.

Now Janice, you’re known as the ultimate girly-girl, makeup and all done up.

Janice Dickinson: Hell yes.

How did you prepare for the show so far?

Janice Dickinson: I’ve done the show before for the United Kingdom and I lasted through – due to public votes they voted me 10 consecutive times to go out and do these particular stunts, which by the way what you don’t know, Stephen, is you have to have complete – 100% participation and you have to have a lot of trust in the person – in all the people that you’re spending time in the jungle with.

I don’t have to prepare myself because I’m a surfer and I scuba dive. And in order to have courage on “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” you have to face your fears. And my fears clearly – if a rat comes near me I’m out of there. I mean the last time I did it – Stephen, seriously a rat climbed on my cot and bit my fingers.
And I do not intend – I have catastrophic trauma, you know, from the last time, you know, from this big old hairy rat…

Stephen Baldwin: But Janice, I’ve been called a rat in my past so…

Janice Dickinson: Oh I can deal with you Stephen.

Stephen Baldwin: Janice, if I climb up in your bunk and…

Janice Dickinson: Stephen, I’m talking…

Stephen Baldwin: …I bite your toe…

Janice Dickinson: Baldwin, let me speak. I didn’t interrupt you once.

Stephen Baldwin: I’m sorry.

Janice Dickinson: Thank you.

You know, I know you’re Irish, so am I, you’re going to have your hands full. Here’s the deal, in order to face courage and adversity’s sake you have to face your fears. And no I’m not a sky diver like Mr. Baldwin. You know, I’m going to be a little flipped out about that. You know, falling out of helicopters, I’m going to be very afraid of doing that.

And I’m also very afraid of a lot of things concerning the show. But doing “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” is going to allow me to perhaps gather some more courage. I am a parent. I have two teenagers and that’s a big job in itself. So I’m really grateful to put my fake eyelashes and my hair extensions and my nail polish away for a month to get out there and participate with everybody in the camp at the campsite and tell camp stories.

Stephen Baldwin: Janice, didn’t you say that you’ve been preparing for this for the last 30 years by not having a meal?

Janice Dickinson: You know what, that’s very funny. Being the world’s first super model we did have to watch what we eat and I was working for the likes of Valentino, Halston, you know, Versace, Calvin Klein, all those guys. You have to be a perfect size zero. I don’t have to be a buff, you know, superhero like Mr. Baldwin but, you know, I have had to watch my diet.

So, on a daily basis I’ve been practicing yoga and kickboxing and doing lots of things not to prepare for I’m a Celebrity it’s just what I do.

Stephen Baldwin: Janice, I have a quick question. What’s the longest you’ve gone without a meal?

Janice Dickinson: I eat about six meals a day, Stephen. I watch what I eat unlike you, you know, I carefully watch my diet. It’s all about diet and nutrition since I still do model. The longest I’ve gone without a meal was the last time I did “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here”, it was about four days.

Stephen Baldwin: This is what I’m afraid of, Janice, if we get out there and we’re two weeks into…

Janice Dickinson: Stephen, let the journalists ask the questions please?

Stephen Baldwin: I’m sorry Janice.

Janice Dickinson: Stop interrupting.

Stephen Baldwin: You’re right.

Janice Dickinson: It’s a conference call with journalists.

Stephen Baldwin: I’m sorry.

Janice Dickinson: Save your (expletive deleted) for television, all right?

Stephen Baldwin: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

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Now Janice you mentioned you were on the UK version. What did you learn there that’s going to help you on this one?

Janice Dickinson: I learned that – there was a star from Manchester on the soccer team, there was a wonderful singer from Wales, there was a man who was a soap opera talent from a big show, there was a singer from a boys band, one of Simon Cowell’s boys bands. I met the most amazing celebrities from the United Kingdom and bonded with them.

Sleeping around a campfire for one month you get into relationships with people and it’s, you know, it’s kind of – it’s – you know, just getting along and cohabitating with people which was the most exciting thing. I gained valuable insight into soccer and other people’s fears. And just listening to this woman singing with her delicate voice – everybody was so fantastic.

I learned that reality can be fun. And I’m a Celebrity is an amazing show that taught me that I don’t have to be such a, you know, a bad ass, I can just kick back and shut up and, you know, go build a fire and it’s cool.

Now Stephen for viewers that are tuning in thinking that this is like Survivor how would you explain the difference?

Stephen Baldwin: Well I think that, you know, Survivor is going to involve people who may not necessarily react the same way celebrities do. I mean, obviously because of the difference in life experience and just overall life style. Like for example, you know, Janice is afraid of a rat and I would make a rat my friend. You know, who knows how a civilian might respond to that, you know.

But I just think that, again, when you get certain personalities that are creative into certain situations that are pressurized and unpredictable it just allows for regular Joe people to see people that they maybe hold in a certain light or esteem or whatever reacting like regular people. That’s – I mean, I live for this sort of thing. So it’s going to be fun just to see what I can do to be a part of causing those kinds of reactions.

Janice Dickinson: Well, you know, you can’t really say that Stephen, because you’re going to need somebody who does, you know, cause and effect as an actor. I’m not an actress and, you know, to, you know, to try to get a reaction out of people including myself I’m onto that. I’m the star of reality television. You may be big in films; I do reality. That’s what I do.

If anybody wants to cause a stir in reality that would be me out of anybody. That’s why they’re building the show and I was the first person asked. It’s the kind of thing where you got to learn that – you have to understand right now they send us deep into the jungle to do – the difference between Survivor and our show is there’s a huge difference. They’re not testing the celebrities’ skills on how they can dig a hole and like hold their breath underwater; they’re testing our skills whether we get along or not. That’s the difference.

Janice, you were mentioning earlier this is all about facing your fears and kind of going out in the wild and everything. Can you tell us a little bit about, you know, maybe the wildest photo shoot you ever did where you really did have to face fears to get that good shot?

Janice Dickinson: In 1982 I did a photo shoot in Kenya with the legendary Peter Beard. And we worked with – we emptied an entire crocodile village with about three tons of 13, 14, 15 foot crocs. They anesthetized the crocs, wired their jaws together and they asked me to climb on top of the crocodile’s back in a bathing suit for Playboy magazine circa 1982. And guess what? I did it. You know, it was insane. It was fun. I also worked with cheetahs and giraffes and all sorts of animals in Africa. The animals in Costa Rica…

Stephen Baldwin: And now you’re going to be working with Stephen Baldwin…

Janice Dickinson: Stephen, I’m not finished.

The animals in Costa Rica merely are monkeys and snakes and, you know, a couple rats; way different than – in dealing with ferocious animals out in Africa, way different. So facing my fears for Costa Rica, we’re protected by medics. I’ve done more location trips than any person alive. I’ve been a model since 1974 so you do the math.

Do either of you guys have any strategies going into this game, any way to come out on top at the end?

Janice Dickinson: No.

Stephen Baldwin: Yeah, I’m just going to do whatever Janice tells me; that’s my only hope for survival.

Janice Dickinson: Well they say – they say that, you know, women do rule the world Stephen. You know that from your mom.

And Stephen, how much do you think that you can survive the wild? I mean have you had any experiences out there? I mean you’re the baby brother after all so I’m sure you got kind of tortured as a kid. But do you think you can survive?

Stephen Baldwin: Yeah, you know, a bit of what Janice just said is true. I mean, you know, there’s really, you know, good reality is reality produced by people that know how to put you in situations that you’re not prepared for or that kind of throw you off balance. And that’s another reason I think “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” is going to be very exciting.

You know, I’ve worked with Mark Burnett and did, you know, Celebrity Apprentice and people asked me, you know, when I did Celebrity Apprentice, you know, people said to me like well how was it. And I, you know, it was way more difficult than people had realized because of what the producers had put you through.

Now Janice has the advantage here because she’s already done this sort of thing within this team of production before. But there really is no way to prepare for it quite honestly. I just think that we’ve got to get down there and I believe it’s the person who is mentally the most agile and physically the most able to adjust to the situation is going to be the winner. That’s it.

Janice Dickinson: Oh, oh Stephen, you’ve got to understand that the man that won was this overweight pantomime from London who basically lost 35 pounds. You don’t necessarily have to be agile at all so you’re in good shape. You know what I mean? I mean the guy – the guy who won was this – he was this very colorful gay pantomime.

And the reason why he won is because he had – he didn’t put anybody down, he was the nicest person in the world and people identified with this guy because he was a super great nice guy. You know, I on the other hand wasn’t necessarily that nice. I wouldn’t eat what they wanted me to eat.

But I’m just giving you an insight, you don’t necessarily have to be the most agile. Look at John Salley, he’s an NBA, you know, basketball guy. He’d be – in my book would be like the guy who’d be able to, I don’t know, like chop down trees. But no certainly necessarily it really is the personality that overcomes. It’s the likeableness. It’s not being a bad ass or anything like that.

Stephen Baldwin: Okay. Okay.

Janice Dickinson: Like the wrestler – the wresting chick she’s already – she already tried to get in my face at the upfront by like putting her claws out. And I took her aside and I said can I have a word with you? I said – there are no cameras on us right now. This is not going to get you anywhere. You’re not going to lay a hand on me and I’m certainly not going to get into a fist fight with you. So save your aggressivity for somebody else; it’s not going to work on me.

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Janice you were mentioning the rats. You were out of there if they come near you. Is there anything else you guys are not willing to do to, you know, kind of further yourself in the game?

Janice Dickinson: No, I don’t know. I would have to say, you know, I just used that as a metaphor, you know, you know, maybe he’ll make a rat like me. I just have rat phobia. You know, my father used to stuff me in boxes as torture, you know, as a kid. He was a pretty bad guy. And, you know, I got abused by my dad a lot so I think that if, you know, they ask me to like, you know, stay in a cave like, you know, with a bunch of frigging, I don’t know – I don’t know, I’ll just be honest, I can’t do that. I won’t and I can’t.

Stephen, anything you’re kind of scared of?

Stephen Baldwin: Well not really scared of. I kind of, you know, there’s something wrong me. I kind of like when, you know, I get to go do something and, you know, if I’m going to break my leg or something then that’s cool, whatever. The leg will heal, you know. But I will say that, you know, eating gross stuff really sucks. So hopefully I won’t have to eat too much gross stuff.

Janice Dickinson: Oh yeah you will.

You’ve both mentioned how your lifestyles and hobbies prepared you for the show. Will you identify any part of your lifestyle that maybe a disadvantage to you on the show?

Janice Dickinson: What does that mean?

Well that you mentioned that you scuba dive and you surf. Will some of the more comfortable aspects of your life be a disadvantage when you’re on the show?

Janice Dickinson: Hell yeah. Are you kidding?

Right now I’m sprawled out like a peace symbol on my ultra suede couch. You know, I’ve got a big ass backyard. It’s like 73 degrees, right Stephen? It’s like brilliant weather. We’re going to be in the rain forest. There’s going to be tumultuous rain storms.

We’re going to be walking knee-deep in mud. There’s going to be insects. There’s going to be humidity. You know, Stephen, we have to have the Charlie don’t surf attitude, Apocalypse Now, you know what I mean? It’s like – it’s really arduous out there.

And yeah there’s a disadvantage; that’s the beauty of the show. You know, like watching glamour-puss Dickinson, I don’t know, Stephen’s a bad ass so he can handle shit. I was like, you know, for the promos clip clopping around in high heels. You know what I mean?

And like I don’t even get out of bed unless they strap on five-inchers. So, yeah, it’s like I’m a very glamorous woman. I can’t speak for Mr. Baldwin but I – yeah it’s going to be hard. That’s the beauty of the show, right Jason?

Stephen Baldwin: I have a friend who lives in Costa Rica and he has an airplane so I’ve already cut a deal with him. He’s going to be air dropping Starbucks to me in the jungle. I’m serious, man, they won’t know.

Janice Dickinson: Yeah they will. Oh yeah they will. Stephen, they’ve got microphones on us and they’ve got cameras under every leaf. You can’t even let one rip – it’s called flatulence – you can’t even let it rip without every single monkey in the jungle going, you know, oonga boonga. It’s so exciting and titillating and exasperating and, you know, it’s scary at the same time.

So Stephen you’ll miss your Starbucks?

Janice Dickinson: He’s not going to get those Starbucks.

Stephen Baldwin: I’m having them airlifted into the jungle.

Janice Dickinson: That’s funny. Starbucks in the jungle, wow. Stephen, the good news is you’re not going to, you know, you won’t have any of that so if you are looking to lose weight just the mere fact that no preservatives or sugar or salt or – they don’t give you anything.

Stephen Baldwin: I can afford to lose a couple pounds.

Janice Dickinson: There’s no way that you’re going to avoid it.

This is for both of you: Who surprised you the most when you got the cast list? Who were you surprised to see on the show?

Janice Dickinson: The governor.

Stephen Baldwin: Yeah, Blago is pretty gnarly.

Janice Dickinson: Yeah, I didn’t know how to take the governor. I didn’t know how to take the governor because I’m an American. I’ m a frigging die-hard American. And, you know, I thought maybe he was going to sell his spot.

Stephen Baldwin: Well the other thing is, you know, I mean, everybody’s still kind of curious if and why and how and who he’s going to participate. Even last night somebody was saying to me is he going to be doing something remote from America or this or that? So I don’t have an answer to that. I don’t know if he’s still involved or not.

Janice Dickinson: Yeah, these producers are really clever. I didn’t get that all. You know what and, no, I welcome Stephen, I really am looking forward to just, you know, helping, you know, just going out and chopping wood. You know, I can’t wait to hear some of your stories, you’re so talented and experienced, I just can’t wait. It’s going to be so much fun.

Salley, I don’t know, you know, he’s already got his hands all over me. I told him to keep his (expletive deleted) filthy hands off me. The other – Heidi and Spencer, you know, I just saw them the other day at the gas station. They’re like, oh, the three of us, we have to pull together. We’re only going to last three weeks anyway we’ve got other things to do. And I didn’t like that attitude because I’m in it to win. I want to, you know, aren’t you Stephen? I’m in it for my charity.

Stephen Baldwin: Yeah, yeah, I’m going to do the best I can. I think I was most surprised by Sanjaya. You know, because then I met him and talked to him for about 10 seconds. I think he’s going to be dead in five minutes.

Janice Dickinson: No, no, no, no, no, he’s Indian, man, he’s got that whole Slum Dog thing going on. They exist on like air.

Stephen Baldwin: No, no, I don’t think he’s going to – I don’t think he’s got the chutzpa.

Janice Dickinson: Really? I think he does. I challenge you on that. I think little slum dog -he got past American Idol. I think that he’ll come – I think he’ll come out on my shoulder.

Stephen, Janice mentioned she doesn’t like rats, is there anything in the outdoors that freaks you out like snakes or spiders or anything?

Stephen Baldwin: No I’m really into all that stuff. You know…

Janice Dickinson: He’s an actor.

Stephen Baldwin: You’re speaking to a Fear Factor champion. And one of the things I did during Fear Factor was I had to lay in like a coffin-like device with worms, snakes and Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches on my face. When I had the cockroaches on my face it was kind of cool.

Janice Dickinson: Oh Stephen, Stephen, honestly, serious – where do you go in your mind? Just help us all out, where do you go in your mind that allows you to do something like that? How do you do it? Just how?

Stephen Baldwin: Well you just said, you know, you said like that Apocalypse Now kind of thing. I just – I got into like Colonel Walter E. Kurtz kind of mode, you know the Brando character there and just became, you know, just make yourself one with the insects.

Janice Dickinson: What? My hat’s off to you for that. I swear to God, you’re rad.

When you’re in the middle of one of these shows do you always remember that the cameras are there watching you all the time or do they really become invisible after a while?

Janice Dickinson: They become invisible.

Stephen Baldwin: Well for me, you know, I wouldn’t say – and that’s really – you just hit the nail on the head – that’s the point of what makes this whole thing interesting is for me personally I – the thing that freaks you out is when you actually for that maybe five minute window because you’re so involved in something that you do forget the camera is there.

You know, there were a couple times during Celebrity Apprentice – I’m a born again Christian, I’m not supposed to be saying cuss words. There was a couple times when I got pissed off and frustrated and I, you know, I let a couple things fly. And all of the sudden I was like oh my goodness is there a camera?

Janice Dickinson: Nobody cares if you exist in the jungle with a few filth words, Stephen, you’ll be forgiven.

Stephen Baldwin: Thank you Janice.

Janice Dickinson: Jesus loves you.

Stephen Baldwin: Thank you, Janice, and now will you sit and read scripture with me on occasion?

Janice Dickinson: Hell, yeah. You won’t like what comes out of my mouth because like I’ll rearrange the dialogue.

What charities are you playing for?

Janice Dickinson: The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation.

Stephen Baldwin: Fantastic organization.

Janice Dickinson: Yeah.

Stephen Baldwin: And quite worthy. I’m playing for an organization called Love 146.

Janice Dickinson: Nice.

Stephen Baldwin: That’s involved in human trafficking. It is all about the abolition of child sexual slavery.

Janice Dickinson: Wow, that’s great. Any time you mention children it’s like I had a rough time, my dad was a pedophile and he used to like molest like my older sister and like all the kids on the block so I’ve got like that any time you mention like, you know, that’s a great charity Stephen. Any time you mention like kids getting their innocence robbed that’s where I guess I get the anger comes out of me. I’m just angry because of all that happened in my childhood. That’s a great cause.

Stephen Baldwin: Thank you very much.

That’s great that you’re doing that. Probably the best part of this whole endeavor is that you get to turn around and help these organizations out rather than for personal gain.

Janice Dickinson: True that and that’s the only reason why I’m doing it. I raised almost three-quarters of a million dollars for Elton John’s research for Aids over in England. I’m an Aids activist so it’s all about finding a cure for Aids, man. Come on. Wow.

Can you tell us about upcoming projects besides this? Stephen, are you getting into more movies? Janice are you going to be on Playboy; what’s happening?

Stephen Baldwin: Well I do have a feature film coming out later this year. And interestingly enough I’ve been really kind of moving into more of the producing side of things and the writing side of things. So my production company in California has some stuff going on. And I do have another reality show in development with myself and Vincent Pastore from the Sopranos.

Janice Dickinson: Wow!

Stephen Baldwin: We have a thing where we might tour around the country with a – almost like a food show kind of a concept that we think is going to be a little bit funny. Getting ready to start another movie – actually two movies towards the end of the year, you know, so the work stuff has been pretty good. And between all that and trying to stay home and be with my wife and my two daughters and doing what I’ve got to do with them and assume those responsibilities I’m a busy boy.

We’ll be looking forward to that. That sounds great with Vincent Pastore.

Janice Dickinson: That sounds like an awesome show.

Stephen Baldwin: Yeah.

Janice Dickinson: That’s going to really be rad.

Janice, how about you, what’s coming up?

Janice Dickinson: What’s coming up? I have two teenagers, 15 and 22. My main job in life is being her parent and referring my children’s squabbles, no doubt. Work-wise I’m Executive Producer of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show. It’s in 300 territories around the world which I produce.

I’m also working on my fourth book, Wild Weekends with Janice Dickinson. I have a fragrance coming out and a skincare line. And I also sell jewelry on HSN. I’m real busy.

Good luck. We’re really looking forward to it. The live aspect of it, that’s unique.

Janice Dickinson: It’s going to be great, who knows, you know, I may marry a monkey in the jungle.

Don’t miss the debut of “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” when it debuts, live, June 1 on NBC.

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