Who Gives A Twit?

Yesterday I reported that Kelly Osborne has joined Twitter and that we could be looking forward to some priceless tweets in the future. Well, the future is 24 hours later as Kelly twitted, “one more thing before i go to bed Miss California is a SKANK!!!!!!!!!!!!” ‘Atta girl. I knew you wouldn’t let us down…

And just like another already classic twitterer, newcomer Kirstie Alley, Kelly has busted a fake Mary Kate Olsen: “she is an imposter.” Kirstie also had another collar yesterday as she busted a fake Jamie Lee Curtis. “Jamie Lee Curtis is A FAKE….I finally confirmed it,” she tweeted. “Her agent and her personal assistant both said she is not on twitter at this time.” Kirstie has been pitching a reality show around Hollywood. Forget it… Here’s your show baby, CSI Twitter. You and Kelly Osborne bust celeb imposters. It’s the modern day Cagney & Lacey.

With his Mavs eliminated from the NBA playoffs, Mark Cuban is turning to another sport. “hitting baseballs for little heroes game. better lefty than rt today..bat cages here I come” Ambidextrous, huh? Why didn’t you show off motor skills like that on DWTS? You’d have won!

Ice-T was heading out to party in Miami last night, why? Because it was Wednesday, that’s why. Ice explained: “Gonna crash the LIV night club tonight. I like to party on off days. I leave the weekends to the amateurs.” That’s because us amateurs work during the week.

And Lisa Rinna went the politically a correct tw’route when it came to last night’s American Idol finale: “..they both have already won.” Tell that to Adam Lambert’s agent…

American Idol wasn’t the only thing on the minds’ in Twittywood yesterday.

Pink @11:21PM 5/20/09: i heard it thru the grapevine that someone butchered my song last night on tv…. does that mean ive “made it?” Katy Perry @8:48PM 5/19/09: oh gosh… really? Why do people force people on american idol 2 sing THEE cheesiest songs. Mountains and Hurricanes you’re right Simon! EW!” Samantha Ronson @ 9:37PM 5/20/09: Watching adam lambert sing with kiss gave me a whole new view of him- he should have always performed with a band.” Robin McGraw @11:20PM 5/21/09: cannot believe chris won american idol!!!! i so wanted adam to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hoda Kotb @1:27AM 5/20/09: I am crazy over that song on oprah the other day “note to god” by charice. Playing it over and overrrrr” Kevin Nealon @107PM 5/19/09: Is it a red flag if you find a shotgun in your girlfriend’s closet and her lipstick is around the end of the barrel? Denise Richards @ 9:50PM 5/20/09: watching american idol..rooting for adam!…” Denise Richards @ 9:51PM 5/20/09: i’m not a cougar! i think its a woman in her 40’s and dates younger guys…i’m neither. not yet anyway!” Chris Cuomo @ 8:02AM 5/21/09: American Idol watercooler topic…anchors have opinions. i’m the un-cool guy who doesnt watch.. Brooke Burke @ 4:26PM 5/19/09: making magic meet and matzo ball soup for the kids before they get home from school.. Their favorite Wed meal! got the recipe online.”

Brooke, twit me for my Bubbie’s matzoh ball soup recipe. Your children’s Wednesdays will never be the same again.

What do I give a Twit about? The preview of ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ Why? Now that I’m done with Idol, I need to move!

Tweet out!!!



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