Jane Krakowski Narrating NBC Special, Tim Gunn Goes Iron Man, And More

NBC’s Funniest: ’30 Rock’ ingenue, Jane Krakowski, will host Paley Center’s ‘TV’s 50 Funniest Phrases’ on NBC, where she will feature the silliest catch phrases ever uttered on the air. Whatcha talkin bout Willis, you ask? Phrases like, “No soup for you” to “We are two wild and crazy guys” to “Hug it out.” The special will air Tuesday May 26.

Here Comes Gunn To Save The World: Tim Gunn will join the ranks of President Obama and Eminem, when he jumps into the comic book world. He’ll star in the new comic series, Models Inc. where he will don the Iron Man’s red and gold outfit and save the fate of a runway show. “To say I’m a character in a comic book is wild!” he said. The comic series premieres August 26.

To Marry or To Flee: The CW’s ‘Hitched or Ditched’ will take couples that have not yet made the leap into that wonderful abyss we call marriage. The pairs, who will be nominated by their friends or family, will have one week to figure out whether or not they are ready to take their relationship to that next step – or to run in the opposite direction. The series premieres Tuesday, May 26.

Letterman’s List: On David Letterman this week and next – Ricky Gervais/Green Day, Beyonce/Jim Parsons, Jamie Fox/Lauren Conrad, & Tom Hanks/The Killers, Robin Williams, Paula Abdul, Bill Cosby and Jessica Biel.

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