Who Gives A Twit?

Britney Spears tweeted a summer vacation suggestion to her fans: “I love The Atlantis in the Bahamas!” Congrats, Britney. You’ve done the very first Twitfomercial.

Gov. Schwarzenegger isn’t about to add to California’s deficit. Ahhh-nold twitted this regarding his recent trip to the Capital: “I paid for my trip to Washington. The state doesn’t pay for any of my travel, food, lodging or salary.” Seriously? These costs come out of your own pocket? Exactly what kind of a politician are you?

Hot on the promotion circuit for his new book, “My Remarkable Journey”, Larry King is twittin’ the exact pages with the juiciest details from his remarkable life: “Read about the time I drank contact lenses! Page 124” What about dentures, ever drink them?

After a stand-up appearance in Arizona, former ‘Fear Factor‘ host and current UFC announcer, Joe Rogan, tweeted his plans for the afternoon: “Last night in Tempe, I got massive good sleep, hit the gym hard, and I’m pumped and ready to f@*k shit up tonight!! Jihad!!!” Jihad? Sorry Joe, I’m going to have to tweet homeland security about you…

Busy directing the new Bruce Willis/Tracy Morgan flick, “A Couple of Dicks”, Kevin Smith is among those irked by NBC’s cancellation of ‘My Name Is Earl‘. He’s asking twitter nation to twit to a special twitter address devoted to saving the sitcom. Let’s help Kevin pass the word along, here’s his tweet & the link: “@EarlTwitition Tell NBC that canceling MY NAME IS EARL es no bueno.” Kev, concuerdo que es no bueno. Good luck though. Don’t forget, NBC tried to cancel Cheers & Seinfeld in their first seasons.

And now it’s time for our Twitter round-up, have a great t’weekend!

Heidi Montag @10:09 AM 5/21/09: im so excited to be in the jungle for NBC! Spencer Pratt @ 11:55AM 5/22/09: 22” rims with LA potholes I go thru a set of rims and tires every 3 weeks! Sean Hannity @ 1:00PM 5/20/09: Tax, Tax, Tax?: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to permanently fix California’s “broken budget system” Joy Behar @6:33PM 5/21/09: Having dinner with conservative Republicans. Still enjoying the meal. Slash @9:51AM 5/20/09: Pitching a cartoon to Comedy Central today with Mike Sculley of “Simpsons” fame. Sarah Silverman @10:31PM 5/21/09: When I see an old man I think, please be married or have family around. please don’t let him be lonely, my heart can’t take i.” Dr. Drew Pinsky @8:05PM 5/52/09: An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” Judah Friedlander @10:36PM 5/20/09: Brad Pitt called me 50 times to see if he could get some sloppy seconds. I didn’t answer him. I was too busy hooking up with more chicks. Ann Curry @5:35PM 5/21/09: Pilot as we land in Iran: “All women must put on headscarves before leaving the plane.” Chelsea Handler @ 11:16AM 5/22/09: Casual Friday does NOT mean underwear optional.

Woops. Good thing I work from home and not at Chelsea Lately.

What do I give a Twit about? I’m catching up on ‘The Bachelorette‘ and ‘Re-Inventing Bonaduce.’ I’m not explaining the last choice. It’s personal.

Tweet out!!


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