New On DVD: Designing Women, The Closer, Land Of The Lost

Designing Women

Season 1 of ‘Designing Women‘ introduces us to the world of Sugarbaker’s interior decorating firm in Atlanta, Georgia, and the four women who run it: Julia Sugarbaker, an opinionated but classy and well connected widow; her sister Suzanne Sugarbaker, a vain former beauty queen with three ex-husbands; Mary Jo Shively, a recently divorced decorator with a young son and a teenaged daughter; and Charlene Frazier, a good-natured single woman in search of Mr. Right. Also on the staff at Sugarbaker’s is handyman and ex-con Anthony Bouvier. Sassy and opinionated, this classic comedy is finally on DVD for all its fans to enjoy. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

The Land Of The Lost

Land of the Lost’ was one of the all-time classic Saturday morning TV series, full of thrills and spills, and starring Wesley Eure, Spencer Milligan and Kathey Coleman. Get ready for the release of the upcoming movie starring Will Ferrell by picking up the complete series DVD set that tells the story you know so well. On a routine expedition, Ranger Rick Marshall and his kids Will and Holly met the greatest earthquake ever known. Sleestaks not included! Buy the ‘Land of the Lost’ complete series DVD right here.

The Closer

Brenda Johnson arrives from Atlanta to lead the LAPD’s Priority Homicide Division, a special unit that deals with explosive high-profile criminal cases in ‘The Closer.’ Almost immediately, her mix of brassy toughness and Southern sass begins to rub the mostly male policemen the wrong way–they resent this eccentric, folksy, and occasionally neurotic woman running the show. But when it comes to her CIA-trained interrogation skills, they’re forced to admit that she’s a pro’s pro, a psychological surgeon who gets inside the subjects’ minds and draws out their darkest secrets and confessions. And that’s why she’s the closer. In this fourth season of the show, Johnson uncovers the sordid underbelly of a local private school, races against time to stop a terrorist explosion, and edges toward her wedding date with FBI-based beau Fritz Howard (Jon Tenney). Buy the Season 4 DVD right here.

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