Who Gives A Twit?

Before we get to the really important tweets, like Al Roker’s Memorial Day menu, there’s news about Twitter in Twittywood. As detailed in an earlier post on Fancast, Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone (great name) have signed a deal for television with mammoth production company, Reveille. (‘The Office‘, ‘Ugly Betty‘) While many show concepts are being floated, this one led the way: “ordinary people put on the trail of celebrities in a competitive format.”

This is not sitting well with any of the A-listers on Twitter, especially the reigning King & Queen of the twitterverse, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Ashton twitted to his 2 million followers: “Wow I hope this isn’t true. I really don’t like being sold out. May have to take a twitter hiatus.” He followed that tweet up an hour later with: “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets stalked.”

Demi had some real thoughts as well regarding the possible Twitter reality show as she twitted to her 1 million strong tweeps: “connecting directly with people is different than being exploited by others. we have nothing to do with a twitter tv show and definitely not one like this article described!” Attention Twitter founders, unless you want to wind up on Reveille’s other show, The Biggest Loser, you might need to revisit that partnership w/Google instead of looking to take over television. Remember, if it ain’t broke, don’t twix it. Stay tw’uned…

With the GMA starting lineup getting Memorial Day off, ABC went to its bench. Chris Cuomo @8:03PM 5/24/09: Hosting tomorrow. Only member of team in studio, but happy to be there for you all.” Speaking for “us all”, thanks. But the show is over by 9AM. It’s not like you missed any bbq’s. Also, re: you working & the rest not? It’s called tenure.

Al Roker tweeted us his Memorial Day menu: “I only cook simple meals.” Al tweeted, “Making cedar plank grilled salmon on top of baby arugula, mesculin greens, w/ grilled corn & zuchinni.” Yes, Chef! Love to see Al guest cook on Hell’s Kitchen. BTW, if that’s a simple meal, what’s a complex one? Al, tweet us your favorite recipe.

And while the rest of us were watching LeBron James on Saturday night, Sean Combs had another agenda with his television: “Watching tudors finale!!! I love this show!” Really? Showtime network must be thrilled for the props. They also must be as confused as me, I see Puff Daddy more as a fans of ‘Weeds’ than ‘The Tudors’.

Now that ‘American Idol‘ is over and Paula Abdul has yet to announce whether she’s coming back, Ms. A reminded us of her roots: “Happy Memorial Day! Having a lazy day watching a movie that I choreographed, “Coming to America”, the big African wedding scene.” Note to ABC: Hire Paula to be a judge on DWTS. She brings a fresh face and loads of publicity. Note to Paula: After you get the job, remember I did you a favor sexy. See you up at the Glen Centre…

Time to check in with our tweet roundtable…

Perez Hilton @7:03PM 5/24/09: Hey, Paula Abdul I use those. They come in purple! I just got it and love the new rubbery smell. Ha.” Brody Jenner @5:56PM 5/24/09: Chillin at the playboy mansion checking out these monkeys and all types of crazy animals..” Kris Jenner @5:08PM 5/25/09: Yes! Kourtney and Khloe will have their own show and are in Miami RIGHT NOW filming! Debuts in August!! It’s AWESOME!” Khloe Kardashian @9:09AM 5/25/09: Hey my Twits!! Happy memorial day! Start your day off by doing some cardio!!! You will feel better later.” Joy Behar @6:06PM 5/24/09: I’m at a party with Lorraine Bracco who just sat on me.” Brooke Burke @11:19PM 5/25/09: in bed watching Tori and Dean, we are so lame!!!” Harry Hamlin @8:19PM 5/25/09: Just set up this account. Need one million followers by tomorrow at noon.” Larry King @3:32PM 5/25/09: Twitter the TV show!? what do you think about that?” Alyssa Milano @7:26PM 5/25/09: No official Twitter endorsed show but multiple shows are in the works??? Mass Exodus!! Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it and use the power we ALL have to make sure it doesn’t happen. Omarosa @2:07PM 5/25/09: p.s. my mom is now on Twitter – please feel free to follow @Momarosa thxs.

Momarosa? Thanks for writing the joke for me, Omarosa.

What do I give a Twit about? I’m wondering what I’m going to watch this summer. Check out this preview of five hot new summer shows.

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