Falco Sheds Carmela, The Oprah Effect, And How Good Is ‘Goode?’

Nurse Jackie star Edie Falco wants Sopranos fans to fuggetabout the fade-to-black ending. You got that?

Sunday night’s episode of Breaking Bad spawned a new website: savewalterwhite.com.

Spotted: Chuck Bass and Vanessa aka real life couple Ed Westwick and Jessica Szhor lapping up sun in Arizona.

Curious if Mike Judge’s new animated series The Goode Family is any good? Watch clips from tonight’s premiere here.

You know how Oprah has the power to make you want to buy anything? Well that power has a name: “The Oprah Effect.”

Photos of a very clothed Mary Louise Parker have surfaced from the new season of Weeds.

Note to the wardrobe department at 30 Rock: please find a way for Liz Lemon to wear the Three Moon Wolf T-shirt next season!

Internet phenomenon “Play Him Off Keyboard Cat” apparently struck Steven Colbert and Green Day last week.

The LA Times has an interesting piece on time travel in TV.

Did anyone else know that The Daily Show’s Rob Rigole was a Marine?

Kathy Griffin’s mom is drinking for a good cause.

And finally, a deep thought from Tori Spelling on last night’s season premiere of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood: “Anytime a woman wants to cuddle a man just wants to poke her.”

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