Who Gives A Twit?

Yesterday California upheld its ban on same-sex marriages and the Twitter community spoke out. With less than two months on the job as President Obama’s new Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison (a job title that just rolls off the tongue) former House resident, Kal Penn, wasn’t happy with the non-reversal. He sent out this tweet minutes after the announcement. “So if the CA Supreme Court & voters are so concerned with the “sanctity of marriage”, how about we make divorce illegal too? Any takers?” Look at you being all political and twit… Tweet on, Kumar!

Needless to say, Perez Hilton was quite tw’icked off and laid the blame solely on the guy in the captain’s chair: “Obama is really not there for the gays. He has repeatedly let us down. Sad. Sad. Sad.” Repeatedly? The guy’s been in office less than 6 months, give him some time. But we hear you, Perez.

Twitter’s newest tweetster, Kelly Osbourne, joined Perez at the West Hollywood rally and he thanked her via twitter. “Your presence was very powerful and brave. If only more gay celebs would have shown up!” Umm, she’s not gay. And as far as gay celebs showing up, one step at a time.

Not at the rally, Tyrese Gibson spent the afternoon elsewhere in L.A.: “Just finished another Mommy and Me class.. AmazinG! Why don’t they have Daddy & Me Classes??” Dude, exactly what kind of chicks are you into? If you want to meet married pregnant ladies, try the supermarket.

Joining an elite group that includes Oprah, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, Britney, Ryan Seacrest, and of course The Kutchers, Sean Combs passed the million mark and has more followers than the New York Times. NYT, want to increase circulation and tap into a whole new generation? Hire P. Twitty for your op-ed page.

Kevin Spacey had a visitor on the set of his new movie: “Rob Lowe surprised me with a set visit today. Shooting a film a few blocks from us. Known him since h/wife did makeup on GlenGarry.” Rob Lowe’s wife is a make-up artist? No wonder the guy always looks perfect.

Yesterday you read here about Al Roker’s gourmet fixins’ for Memorial Day where I asked him to tweet us a recipe. Al sent me this tweet regarding it: “Bob, I like my memphis style ribs recipe. I will have to try condensing it for twitter.” Mmmm…. Look for Al’s recipe soon.

Drum roll please…it’s time for the twit roundup!

Melissa Rivers @10:37PM 5/26/09: Truly disappointed in my home state of CA. Founding fathers could not predict what the future would hold. I just belive in the basic concept of equality for all.” Marlee Matlin @11:48PM 5/26/09: Marriage. Religion. Who’s definition? Who’s religion? State and Church. Founding fathers said never the two shall meet.” Kirstie Alley @10:40PM 5/26/09: Marlee Matlin, call me tomorrow. I will tell you who is real and who isn’t..I miss you bitch ..call me.” Tony Robbins @2:20AM 5/27/09: To know you have enough is to be wealthy.” Dave Attell @10:04PM 5/26/09: going to try this twitter thing out again even though i feel way too old and bald to be on here.” Mariel Hemingway @9:35PM 5/26/09: I see a real desire to be balanced and healthy and I love to share the tools to feel good about you!” Katy Perry @6:01AM 5/26/09: going to bed like a good lil’ geisha. 2nights show in Nagoya was most excellent. Tomorrow I get pro nailed… tokyo style.” Sara Gilbert @10:33PM 5/26/09: Ah, Tuesday night. Time to relax and watch American id– aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!” Spencer Pratt @2:31AM 5/27/09: miley cyrus, will you please say a prayer for Heidi and I to win im a celebrity? were on the plane now!” Elizabeth Taylor @1:45PM 5/26/09: I’m home from the hospital and feeling great. Thanks for all the love and support!”

Get well soon, Liz…

What do I give a Twit about? I like the show ‘Rescue Me‘. Watch it.

Tweet out!

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