Jada Pinkett Smith Comes To TV In ‘HawthoRNe’

She’s married to Will Smith and has a robust and successful movie career going, along with talented, humble kids who are in the business as well. So how does Jada Pinkett Smith have time to star in the much anticipated TNT nursing series ‘HawthoRNe,’ premiering June 16th at 9pm? Fancast sat down with her recently to get the full scoop.

What drew you into TV and this project specifically after your successful movie career?

I really loved the character. I really loved the scripts, and I was at a time in my life where I was getting really complacent. I was like, “OK Jada, how can you really push this forward?” And I really needed to learn story. Every week is like making a movie almost. I felt like, what a better place, than television, than to get into a grind. I needed a gym where I could exercise my producorial and story skills every week. And then take it back into the movie world, which is great. Because then I produce my son’s film “Karate Kid” in Beijing right after I shut this show down. I needed a lab.

How can you sum up your character Christina Hawthorne?

She’s relentless. She wants what she wants. She’s the uber-caretaker – she’s going to have to learn to take care of herself in the way that she’s taking care of all the people in the hospital.

TNT is now known for being the network with strong female characters and actresses such as Holly Hunter and Kyra Sedgwick. What’s it like to be joining the family?

For me, I mean, I love it. I love being able to stand by those women, who are SO talented and so powerful. And I just love working with a network that gets it. TNT – this has been such a pleasant network to work with. It’s just been a really fantastic experience, a great partnership.

What’s the tone of the show of the show going to be like?

It’s a dramedy so you’re dealing with the politics of the hospital, as well as the medical ailments. We’re really dealing with how patients are affected more so than the medical issue. So if you’ve got a woman that’s coming in and she has cancer but she doesn’t have health insurance, how is Christina gonna get her this treatment? Or a woman comes in that’s been abused, Christina will go to the house and find that the woman has a kid who’s autistic. How’s Christina gonna help her get help for herself and her child so she doesn’t have to deal with this physical abuse. Those kind of issues – it’s how people are being affected by situations that bring them into the hospital, and how does Christina help them resolve. She’s an uber-problem solver as well.

What about your character’s relationship with Michael Vartan’s character?

Oh that’s interesting. He was the doctor that took care of my husband while he was dying of cancer. So we created a really strong bond, a really strong friendship. He’s kind of my protector, because Christina is always getting herself into a bit of trouble…so he’s always coming to rescue her basically.

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