Who Gives A Twit?

Some twitter love, respect and thanks go out to three women who really know their twit. Showing us why she’s forever hip, Elizabeth Taylor is twittin’ (and getting re-tweeted by every celeb on twitter) her disappointment about California’s Prop 8 vote. “There is no such thing as a “Gay” agenda. It’s a human agenda.” Great quote. Shows why she is a consummate pro. It’s kind of fascinating to read Liz’ thoughts: “Counting the days until Michael’s opening night in London.” Or, “Just saw “Twilight” on DVD. I want more!” And, “When in Rome, check out my jewels at the Bulgari retrospective at Il Palazzo delle Esposizioni.” Liz brings new meaning to the phrase, “When In Rome.” You go girl…

Next up is the revolutionary, Jane Fonda. Not only does she twit with rapper Ludacris, has her twit profile pic of a mug shot circa 1970 post ‘Klute‘, but she is also totally web savvy (she blogs regularly) and post twit-pics that make the editors of National Geographic drool. And who says there’s no life after Ted Turner?

I’m saving my fave of the lot for last, Marlee Matlin. Yesterday I included one of her Prop 8 views in the round-up and she dropped me a tweet, “Grin. Thnx!” She’s the total package. Not a lot of people can win and Oscar AND tear it up on DWTS. I read Marlee’s new book, “I’ll Scream Later”, and it’s absolutely incredible. She’s a true survivor. If you live in the L.A. area, make sure to swing over to Vroman’s books in Pasadena where Marlee will be signing copies tonight.

Ice-T was in Arizona yesterday baking in the desert sun: “Made it to AZ. 100 degrees in the shade! It’s ok. Got a pool and spritzers!!” Spritzers? Sounds more like you’re poolside in the Catskills.

Carson Daly twitted that he isn’t afraid of California’s soaring gas prices: “Just rode in an M-1 tank.” Is that what you call your Hummer?

Let’s check in with some of the tweet-master generals, shall we?

Greg Grunberg @5:35PM 5/27/09: Any questions for Dr. Drew tonight? i promise I won’t use the word VAGINA! Sh#t!, I did it again. I love that word, VAGINA!!” Richard Branson @5:21AM 5/28/09: Hmm would I buy Playboy Magazine… more likely to buy the Mansion and ALL its contents! Let me know if it’s for sale, Hef!” Rainn Wilson @2:41PM 5/28/09: Got my spleen pierced. Totally fierce tribal stud. Only gonna be appreciated by X-ray technicians, but still…” Christina Applegate @12:39AM 5/28/09: I heart Rainn Wilson. He is a comic genius. And according to him, he tweets comedy pearls. I have to agree!!” Ashton Kutcher @7:02AM 5/28/09: I will be working stateside this weekend. I’m not sure how this whole british talent rumor got started. Nicole Richie @6:42AM 5/28/09: ugh I woke up & got ready thinking it was 7am & it was 6am. NOW what should I do for an hour?” Sean Hannity @6:46PM 5/27/09: Brink of War?: North Korea launched a tirade Wednesday against world powers threatening to punish it.” Oprah @6:47PM 5/27/09: Thanks tweeple. Will try Avon SSS…Know it works for mosquitos. Must be a macho strain of ticks this year!” Heidi Montag @10:47PM 5/27/09: welcome to the jungle! wow i cant believe im in costa rica!!!! here we go Jesus!” Jay Leno @2:53PM 5/27/09: it’s the final Wed of the show and tonight I welcome Wanda Sykes, Dame Edna and Sarah McLachlan performs.”

Take a look Conan. Do you think it’s going to be easier booking guests just because you’re in L.A.?

What do I give a Twit about? I’m watching TLC’s new series, ‘Cake Boss,” since it’s the only way I can have my dessert and not get fat. And we just got the original series, ‘V.’ Fun times.

Tweet out!


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