Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Summer Salvation (Not the McG Kind, Either)

The sci fi television landscape is admittedly looking barren at this particular moment. Aside from the occasional monster mutant popping out of a wormhole over at BBC America, there’s otherwise mostly…..tumbleweeds. Crickets chirping. Thumbs twiddling.

For now.

Ah, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel……could those possibly be Tardis headlights?

Who’s On First

BBC America continues to be a bastion of sci fi sustentation over the summer hiatus. This week they sallied forth with the announcement that David Tennant‘s last hoorah(s) as Doctor Who will begin airing in July (in addition to the acquisition of the 2008 Christmas special, which will air June 27).

If that’s not reason enough to love the Beeb (or at least our Yankeefied version of it), also coming down the pike in mid-July is the mini-series Being Human. In this outting, a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost attempt to shack up. As the tagline puts it, “Some roommates are scarier than others….”

Never mind the toilet seat being left up…….the ten-pound hairballs and corpses clogging the shower drain are probably more annoying.

Dude, Where’s My Wand?

More summer sci fi fun (or fantasy fabulousness, if you’re a stickler for sub-categorization) comes courtesy of NBC (and BBC – again) with the debut of Merlin on June 21. Sci Fi Wire’s interview with Anthony Stewart Head (yes, Giles is back!) dishes up plenty of details pertaining to the upcoming 13-episode “mini-series” (well, it’s mini by U.S. standards). The story follows the adventures of a teenaged King Arthur and Merlin.

Teenagers? Imagine the tweets: “F***ing Saxons! But scored w/ “free” section of Craig’s List – sword! Left on curb, or in rock, or whatever. Free, dude! Going to pick it up now….”

Summer Glau’s Resume: Science Project, Science Project, Science Project…..Um…..Soccer Mom?

Yes, Joss Whedon is all over the idea of getting Summer Glau to become a Dollhouse tenant next season, as EW’s Michael Ausiello reports. Whedon insists he’ll find a way to make it happen. But not an obvious way.

Thank god. Poor girl just had her chip extracted – to follow up with mind-wiping seems a bit heavy-handed.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, And Probably At Least Fifty Inter-Company Memos at Fox

Because it’s still hard to let the Terminator termination go…..

If you missed the comic featured at Hibberd’s Live Feed), it provides one of the more plausible theories as to why Dollhouse was spared and Terminator was spanked.

And that concludes a rather demure week in sci fi TV……

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