Who Gives A Twit?

They’re here… Last night two week twitter resident, Kelly Osbourne, got her mom and bro to join Twitter. That means all four Osbournes are now officially twittin.’ Here’s the campaign for the first twitter television commercial. Ozzy enters the board room and bites the head off the official twitter bird mascot. I know, clever…

Jack Osbourne has tweeted three times so far. The first one to his sister: “here i am” and the next one he posted to all of the twitterverse. “F@#K TWITTER.” Jack of course used the correct spelling. You are your father’s child for sure.

And speaking of Ozzy, Jack’s third tweet was a link to a trailer for a 2010 documentary he’s doing about the dad of darkness, “Wreckage of My Past.” I watched the clip and it looks like Jack is going to have a nice career ahead of him as a filmmaker. Good going dude…

Sharon Osbourne was a little confused in the beginning as Kelly twitted us: “hahahaha my mum just asked me if she will need to use her credit card to start her twitter page!” Not yet, Sharon. But give it a few months…

Minutes later Sharon sent a tweet to the masses: “i am happy to be apart of the twitter world all followers welcome!” OK twitter founders, now that the whole Osbourne clan is on, why explore any other twitter reality show concepts involving celebs? You’ve got the number #1 family in reality right under your beak. Figure it out.

Billy Ray Cyrus sent a message to his twitter followers explaining his theory on how to live properly: “A “Thrillbilly” is a way of life. An attitude of not livin in fear, but one of taking action toward the obtainment of ones goals.” Move over Scientology, Thrillbilly is here!

Barbara Walters twitted us her itinerary, “am going to Washington tomorrow with Whoopy” It’s Whoopi. Even though Babs is the boss, she obviously doesn’t sign the checks.

Ryan Seacrest isn’t only a fan of celebrity gossip, last night he twitted while viewing his other passion: “Watching spelling bee “palatschicken!!! Are u kidding” No, they’re not. It’s a spelling bee! What do you think they are going to give them words to spell like E!”

Let’s get right to the twit round-up and have an excellent t’weekend!

Demi Moore @9:41PM 5/28/09: Just catching up on the Susan Boyle info. Don’t read gossip/trash stuff. I wonder why no 1 reported what was said 2 provoke such a reaction?” Kirstie Alley @10:21PM 5/28/09: I LOVE SUSAN BOYLE.GOOD FOR HER CUSSING HER BRAINS OUT AT THE PAPARAZZI..I LOVE HER.. Sara Gilbert @8:41PM 5/28/09: Old dude in front of me at fleetwood mac smoking pot. He is really taking this “nostalgia tour” thing seriously.” Nicole Richie @10:46PM 5/28/09: at Fleetwood Mac concert, I’ve never seen so many older “glossy eyed” people in my life.” Jimmy Fallon @11:12PM 5/27/09: We are gonna have a horse in the studio tomorrow.” Jim Gaffigan @4:58PM 5/28/09: Does a whale ever not feel fat? “i lost a ton of weight. Now I’m only 32 tons” Paula Abdul @4:49PM 5/28/09: I’m getting ready to go to New York, haven’t been there in a while. I’m doing a bunch of radio promotions & have a few career meetings.” Lisa Rinna @4:03PM 5/28/09: Candy spelling is blaming Tori for her fathers death i just read that makes me sick if true” Soleil Moon Frye @5:01PM 5/28/09: Are kids hormones in over drive more than when we were growing up? Criss Angel @7:43PM 5/28/09: Just want to knock down the rumors floating around the internet…I was not the Kriss in Kriss Kross. That was spelled with a K.”

Criss, the spelling would have been my second reason after the fact that you’re white and they’re not.

What do I give a Twit about? Thanks to the Osbournes, I’m feeling salty today, so it’s ‘Whale Wars‘ and ‘Deadliest Catch.’

Tweet out!

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