Catch ‘Pushing Daisies’ While You Still Can

Fans of the Piemaker rejoice! ABC finally is airing the final three episodes of the magical fantasy ‘Pushing Daisies‘ after yanking the show from the schedule in December. Sure, it’s airing on Saturday nights, but who cares? Last night’s episode was full of the stuff we love – lots of quick, tight dialogue, bright, vivid colors and amazingly refreshing guest stars (David Arquette and Constance Zimmer). The heart of this show is bigger than anything currently on TV, and for die-hard fans, it’s time to enjoy Ned, Olive, Emerson and Chuck for the next two weeks and smile that a show like this ever made it on the air let alone lasted almost two full seasons. And hey, creator Bryan Fuller has said he will continue the series in comic-book form, so the Piemaker’s adventures aren’t over just yet.

Watch the latest episode of ‘Pushing Daisies’ right here.

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