Will Ferrell on “Anchorman 2” “Sherlock Holmes”

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There were reports recently that the Anchorman gang were going to meet this week regarding a potential sequel to one of the best comedies ever made, but Will Ferrell corrected himself at the Land of the Lost junket and said “I thought we were, yeah. I kept saying that. I was told we were, and now I’ve heard it’s too hard to get everyone together.” That said, he’s still optimistic about a potential 2 Anchor 2 Man. “Hopefully Adam McKay is gonna be able to talk to all the guys individually and see if there’s a time and place that we can figure out how to do this.”

Ferrell was very blunt when asked if they thought they could break the curse of comedy sequels never being as good as the original. “Oh, we don’t. We just think it’d be really fun to do. It could be terrible, but if they’re gonna pay us to do it, why not, right? We weren’t necessarily eager, but then the legacy of that movie kept building and building, and we just kinda got excited about it. Then last year, we did this Funny Or Die comedy tour where every college I went to, I would interview either the head football coach or the president of the school as Ron Burgundy. Adam and I got such a kick out of it and had so much fun, we thought ‘maybe we should revisit this,’ and then Steve Carell said ‘I’m totally up for it.’ Yeah, sequels to comedies that really seem to have found foothold in the consciousness are hard, but I think we would use that as a challenge to try to make it the craziest sequel you’ve ever seen. Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

What about that rumored comedy version of Sherlock Holmes, now that Guy Ritchie’s version is due out at the end of this year? “We’re trying to develop this. We’ve got a script written by Etan Cohen. I just met with Sacha Baron Cohen three weeks ago, we were talking about it some more. It’s just a question of the Robert Downey Jr. one – that one’s probably gonna be a hit franchise, and whether that is something we want to go up against… would it inform the audience to allow for us to do a comedy verison, or would it feel like we’re just trying to copy them, even though I think we wrote our script before they did or something like that? I don’t know. We’re thinking about it.”

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