Eminem & Bruno: The Final Word

Given all the information and mis-information that’s now out there, we’re never truly going to get to the bottom of this whole Bruno/Eminem business, so we might as well appreciate it for what it was: perhaps the best crash landing since Sully put that plane down on the Hudson.

By Tuesday, the descent of a pants-less, go-go-boots-clad Sacha Baron Cohen upon seemingly dumbfounded Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards had been dismissed as a hoax, with the only question remaining being just how complicit the rapper was with the gag.

In fact, Scott Aukerman, head writer for the awards, confessed earlier on his blog that the entire event was staged. “They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show,” the scribe wrote in a posting that has since been removed.

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Still, despite ample evidence to the contrary – including what appears in the video replay to be Cohen sticking his feathered right arm out to intentionally disrupt his own flight by hitting a ceiling speaker – members of the satirist’s camp claim the suspicious fall was just an accident.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/2009-MTV-Movie-Awards/103978/1138209607/Bruno-Lands-on-Eminems-Face/embed 420 355]


“It looked to me like he hit something up there, and he didn’t want to go ape shit on national TV, so he stayed in character and asked (the stunt team) to bring him down,” says a high-level production staffer who worked with Cohen on “Borat” and his upcoming “Bruno.”

“That’s how he always looks when he gets into a scary situation,” the source said. “And he probably made it look like it was all just a joke because he didn’t want to look like a pansy.”

Neither MTV and or Eminem’s camp have commented on the matter. Why would they?

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