Who Gives A Twit? Miley Cyrus, Lisa Rinna, Billy Bush…

After last night’s explosive evening on NBC’s “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here”, I fully expected to read some comments from twit-mavens Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. But they are keeping silent for now and their publicist wasn’t returning any tweets.

But, inside gossip about the show did come from the chart topping author of Rinnavation, Lisa Rinna. She had some dish about a last minute damage control meeting in the jungle before Speidi split. “paul teledgy the head of NBC alternative had to fly out to Costa Rica to stop Heidi and Spencer from Quitting the show so im told!” They probably should have sent Jeff Zucker…

While Harry Hamlin loves to twit about wife Lisa’s new book, Harry tweeted us a little update on his tome: “Just came from the gym. Going to write today. Hit page 200 of my book last nite. Wrote a funny story re my 1 and only visit to E Hampton, NY.” Change it to Southampton. Trust me…

Anna Nicole Smith’s flame, Larry Birkhead was tweeting yesterday regarding the care of their love child, Dannielynne. “people can be real dumb, just because I took my daughter to an OUTDOOR charity event and she wore her sunglasses dumb bloggers speculate! OK, I’m shocked on two accounts. One that people blog about Larry Birkhead. And two, how in the world did NBC casting miss this guy and not drop him in the jungle?

Let’s eavesdrop a little on the minds of our favorite twitsters…

Billy Bush @9:55AM 6/2/09: spencer out…ROKER in! get down there AL…you and sanjaya (Mowgli as telegdy called him) would be great tent mates.” Janice Dickinson @7:15AM 6/1/09: I LOVE THE JUNGLE…” Lisa Rinna @10:45AM 6/2/09: How does one Quit a show ie spencer and Heidi wont NBC sue them? im sure they sign contracts and bad ones at that! Being a Quitter never serves you well! Drama Queens.” Perez Hilton @8:39PM 6/1/09: “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” is…. f#@king amazing! Spencer knows exactly what he’s doing. That bitch gives great TV!” John Mayer @6:13AM 6/1/09: Twitter, you were an excellent dinner date.” Tila Tequila @7:24PM 6/1/09: UPDATE: yes I’m still celibate….damn….one year seems like a long ass time…but I’M FOCUSED!!!!!! Who’s gonna pop that cherry? Eww LOL” Miley Cyrus @8:08AM 6/1/09: i feel like i might throw up” Oprah @5:23PM 5/29/09: A reminder: BUYER BEWARE: I have NOTHING to do with acai berry scams on internet. Have tasted only ONE time on my show.” Kourtney Kardashian @7:42AM 6/2/09: Good morning! Ugh so badly wanted to workout and I overslept! I feel so guilty when that happens. Haha…there’s always tomorrow.” M.C. Hammer @8:25AM 6/2/09:??..????????????????????????????..????..??????????????????…?????”

It looks like Hammer twitted the ingredients for the #6 special at his favorite Chinese take-out.

What do I give a Twit about? The start of a new era, Conan’s first “Tonight Show;” and Captain Phil’s return on ‘Deadlist Catch.’

Tweet out!


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