Hannah Montana’s Mitchel Musso: On Top of the World

Mitchel Musso is best known for playing Oliver Oken, one of Miley Stewart’s bffs, in the Disney hit ‘Hannah Montana.’ Much like Miley’s character Hannah, Mitchel leads a secret double life of his own – one is a lovable Disney star and the other a bona fide rocker.

And with Hannah Montana seemingly being picked up for another season and his new self-titled debut album out this week, Mitchel Musso is certainly on top of the world.

Mitchel talked to us this week about his new album and gave us news that his fans will love – that he may be touring with Metro Station – the popular Columbia Records-signed band fronted by his older brother Mason Musso and Trace Cyrus (brother of Miley).

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What’s coming up for you in terms of touring? Yeah I’m touring this summer probably starting in the beginning of July. And hopefully, this is word on the street and don’t quote me on this because anything can happen, but word is that I’m going to go on tour with my older brother Metro and we’re going to do a couple of show dates. I’m really excited about that. It’s not just because they are an awesome band but me and my brother touring together! I can’t wait.

How close are you guys on set? Do you hang out? Oh yeah all the time. We all went out for sushi today. It was kind of crazy for a little bit but between me and the cast we’ve always been so close. I’m sure it helps that we’re all really close to each other’s age and we’re all pretty much going through the same deal.

Are you and Miley good friends? If I was to say I was closest to anybody it would definitely be Miley. Me and Miley were hanging out before the show even started. We auditioned together and then became friends and got the parts together and started shooting the show. I love the whole cast to death and everybody is so supportive of everybody. Some of the greatest friend I will ever meet, for sure.

What are you musical influences? Actually I have a ton of musical influences. I would say every genre. Music from Dr. Dre to Elton John and my main musical influence is my older brother [Mace Musso]. Not just because he’s my older brother, it’s because I truthfully believe that he’s the most talented artist, musician and singer that I know. I’m sure it helps that he’s my older brother and I’ve always looked up to him.

Tell me about your album. As far as my genre and what I’m looking for I would say it’s like an electro, dance, rock kind of a sound. I still like all those genres and I didn’t want to give myself one you know? It’s kind of like being locked up in a cage. You feel boxed, like I can only make this style of music. But truthfully I like all styles of music. Anytime I get in the studio I look for a new sound. Bringing something brand new is really exciting for me. But I’m probably not going to come out with a country album but other than that I try to use as many genres as possible in my music.

How about hip-hop? Of course. I tell people this and I’m not sure if you know. Do you know what an 808 is? 808 is like the hardest hitting base, if you ever hear Lil’ Wayne songs you hear that boom boom boom that raddles the car. We have tons of that because it’s still got that dance vibe to it. And with the electro key boards which makes it pretty. You’ve still got that dark sound and you still have the pretty sound which most people like.

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You are doing so many things at once. How do you manage doing the album, the tour, and the TV show? People have their own jobs and this is just another one of those jobs. It’s something that I look at truthfully like I am so excited about every single one of the things I do. Whether it’s acting, singing, or whatever. It’s the business I’ve grown up doing my whole life. People ask me all the time if it weren’t this what would it be? And it’s like oh my goodness I have no idea. My whole life is this. I’ll tell my friends I have to be up at four o’clock in the morning tomorrow for a radio tour. And they’re like oh that sounds terrible. And I’m like no not necessarily because that’s my life and personally it’s what I love to do.

You’ve sort of grown up on set and with the Disney family. What’s that been like? It’s always been kind of where my head has been. I love the whole family idea about everything. That’s how me and my family grew up. We have dinner every night together and do as much stuff as possible. We always go on family vacations and stuff like that. The Hanna Montana set has become like a second home to me. I’m there more than my own house. It’s been fun. It’s such a cool thing to get to work with production companies but I personally think I got stuck with the coolest one. It’s not just being part of the show, they also let us be a part of the Disney cruise ship. We have this huge ship that goes all the way up to the Bahamas and it also goes to Disney’s private island. I go on the ship and I get to perform. It’s things like that that are helpful.

How did the singing work out with Disney? As soon as I wanted to be a singer Disney was so open to trying to help me and just push me in that world as far as I can go. It’s been a blessing. I truthfully feel, especially at my age almost eighteen years old, that this is the perfect place for me. Not necessarily to start out because I’ve been working since I was about nine years old. But it’s a good place for me to become the person who I wanted to be. I would say about from twelve on is where my eyes were really opened and who I wanted to be was more of my decision.

Have you been able to perform on the show? I’ve actually gotten to sing three of my own songs. ‘Welcome to Hollywood’, ‘Last Forever’, and ‘Shout It’ and then I also sang one of Miley’s songs.

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And the show was picked up today too? Word on the street is that they’re going for a whole new season. I’m not completely positive about what’s going on with that and everything. But the show has done great and it would surprise me if they didn’t go for another one. That’s another one of those that I can’t really say anything in stone because everyone’s always changing their minds about stuff.

I’m pretty sure it was announced earlier this morning that it’s for sure. Well, possibly. What I heard this morning was that it was a pick up possible fifteen. Which is half of a season compared to what we’ve been doing. But yeah I guess if it’s announced then it’s announced.

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