Josh Brolin Uglies Up For “Jonah Hex”

There’s a lot made of how actors playing characters wearing masks or sporting disfigurements still want to find ways to make sure their pretty faces are uncovered as much as possible. Ever notice how Spider-Man’s mask keeps getting ripped off all the time? [You can see a lot more of Tobey Maguire’s face in the Free Fancast Flick Joyride, by the way] There’s the same worry for Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming Deadpool movie.

But it seems that Josh Brolin has no problem getting uglied up to play the titular surly ex-Confederate bounty hunter in Jonah Hex, judging from these pics leaked from the set. Brolin has that ugly DC Comics sumbitch’s look down perfectly and, when combined with the shot we’ve already seen of Megan Fox in a ‘holy cow, have a sandwich, woman’ corset, Hex has the makings of a very visually interesting movie.

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