Who Gives A Twit? Diablo Cody, Spencer Pratt, Ryan Seacrest…

Ex-stripper, turned author, turned Hollywood scribe Oscar winner for Juno, turned television producer, Diablo Cody isn’t as hip as all of us think. She twitted this morning, “I’ve ignored the Spencer and Heidi phenomenon for a while now. But they’re still here. Do I need to catch up? Is it even possible?” Wow, how can you not be up on this? Exactly who do you follow on Twitter? Tell you what, just follow me babe and you’re good to go.

Spencer Pratt finally resurfaced on Twitter and started twittin’ explanations, questions, and of course all out love and praise for his lord and savior…NBC. Spence sent this tweet to Perez Hilton last night at 10:48PM, “Say a prayer that NBC let’s us go back on and eat more disgusting things!” Great idea. Let’s start with what you were bitching to Ben Silverman on the celly about. Having to clean up John Salley’s…uhh…#2… Make them eat that, Ben. Pleeeeeeeezzz…

Spence also twitted to the other disciple of tabloid television, TMZ’s Harvey Levin. “I am praying to Jesus to have NBC forgive me and allow Speidi back! The jungle makes you do crazy things” Oh, it’s the jungle’s fault. Silly us for thinking you were really like that.

Then an hour later the Spence-meister twitted to Miley Cyrus, “Miley, God Bless you!!! Were Praying to Jesus that NBC forgives us for being quitters! Quitters never win and a winner never quits!” Cool quote, my man! Also remember this one “baby, baby, stick your head in gravy.”

Maybe the problem with Spencer and that his pleas aren’t being heard is because the focal person regarding the bulk of his tweets, Jesus, isn’t on Twitter. However, Kabbalah big-wig and celebrity portal to a higher power, Los Angeles chapter leader Yehuda Berg is. This dude gets tweets and is re-tweeted from celebs like Mariel Hemingway to Demi Moore. They both shared this tweet directly from the Kabbalah Guru, “Today — be open to listening to a variety of viewpoints. Accept people as they are. You may learn something from them.” Note to Spencer and Heidi…ask your agent if you guys can swap out for Kabbalah. At this point, it can’t hurt. Plus – Kudos to Yehuda, can’t get any better than to be re-tweeted by a Hemingway.

Now let’s read some top tweets from our favorite twitties.

Giuliana Rancic @8:41PM 6/3/09: R u guys watching I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here? I am dying laughing…i’m totally amused!!! Speidi is out of control!!!” Ryan Seacrest @3:51PM 6/2/09: hearing a speidi relative is headed to the jungle to be on show” Christina Applegate @10:29PM 6/2/09: Greetings from Rome.How is everyone? Saw amazing things yesterday and today there shall be more” Jamie Lee Curtis @7:45PM 6/2/09: when your mom is mad at your dad, don’t let her brush your hair!” Kelly Osbourne @11:45PM 6/3/09: i have an audition for something today and i keep being sick because i am so Nervous!!!!!!!” Soleil Moon Frye @11:22PM 6/2/09: Question of the late night. If you had your own school, what would you name it?” Ashton Kutcher @11:23PM 6/2/09: life.” Slash @9:30AM 6/3/09: Twittering is a perfect vehicle for OCD.” Brody Jenner @1:45PM 6/2/09: For everybody who is asking…No I am not going to the jungle…that I a rumor… Don’t believe everything you read or hear”


What do I give a Twit about? The latest catfight on ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey,’ Speidi’s return to ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here,’ and an extremely graphic ‘Whale Wars‘ trailer.

Tweet out!

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