Denise Richards Talks Men, Zen and Reinvention

Denise Richards can’t help herself.

She’s a simple Midwestern girl…but sometimes she gets herself in trouble. (Like letting Howard Stern talk her into revealing she’s had three boob jobs. She meant well. “It was a big mistake. Young girls, don’t do it!”)

Hence the aptly titled ‘Denise Richards: It’s Complicated,’ which returns with new episodes Sunday night.

But like a true Bond Girl, no matter the missteps, she always bounces back. And if you’ve seen her reality show, you know Denise can be quite likable–and doesn’t hold back. “I’m a pretty open person,” Richards says. “Obviously, daughters aside, there’s a lot I wouldn’t show with them, but me in particular, there’s not much I wouldn’t show.”

We recently chatted up Denise and found she’s a little less ‘complicated’ and a little more misunderstood than you think.

Read on for more on her new adventures in dating, the Hollywood maverick she’s dying to work with, and her biggest obsession [hint: they’re blond, adorable and under three feet tall].

First off, what can we look forward to in Season 2?
“It’s a fun, exciting season. It’s me moving forward, me taking risks…there’s a lot to it. I think it’s very funny–and very heartfelt. Anyone who is a fan of Season 1 will like this one that much more. I’m very excited.”

I also go to Sundance. We’ve been filming since December, and I’m looking forward to taking the summer off–we just moved near the beach. But I think it’s a very fun season; it’s more balancing, more career and my family.”

Balancing career and family…so does that mean we’ll see more of your little girls?
“My girls were not in it that much [the first season] and this season they are in it even less. When we shoot, they’re not always in your house like it looks, we have set hours and days just like any scripted show. It’s very casual.”

In her reality world, Denise may be the sultry star, but it’s her widower father Irv who’s emerged as quite the character on the show. And it sounds like dad is quite the handful this season.

Watch Denise try to wrangle a flirty Irv away from the Blackjack table in a Sneak Peek of the Season Premiere.

You caught some heat during the first season for having a bit of a potty mouth. How’d that go in Season 2?
“My friends and I have a bit of a potty mouth, but one thing I will say, that got misinterpreted in Season 1, is that I definitely have never, ever even slipped and said a bad word in front of my daughters. I don’t believe in cussing in front of your children. But I do have one, yeah….” [laughing]

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You’ve got moxie–you’ve taken a lot of hits personally and professionally–but you’re very resilient. How do you do it?
“My mom and dad have always been incredibly supportive and encouraged me to do things I love to do. During challenging, difficult times, my mom would always say, ‘You’re a lot stronger than you think you are,’ and you know, ‘This too shall pass,’ when it was something negative I was going through. After she passed away, it was such a huge loss for me–and still is–there are so many times I want to talk to her. But I just realized life is so short. I also want to set a good example for my daughters. And yes, I did take a lot of hits, but I just have to pick myself back up and not let all of that get the best of me. I love life, I love what I do and I am very fortunate.”

Denise is also pretty daring.

Like singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at a Chicago Cubs game in her hometown, even if she admits she got “trashed” for it. (It was for charity, people!)

And going on ‘Dancing with the Stars‘?
“That took a lot for me to do,” says Denise. “I actually really enjoyed it, and even though I didn’t make it past the second week, it taught me I could challenge myself a lot harder than I thought. And just mentally, to be able to go out there in front 20 million people, if I can do that, I can walk into any room, I can go on any show–it really gave me confidence.”

Will we see your ‘DWTS’ experience on the show?
“For anyone who’s a fan of ‘Dancing’–there’s a whole episode we shot of that, behind the scenes, how I felt and my emotional journey with that.”

Are you still dancing? What do you do to workout?
“I fell in love with dancing and fell in love with how it changed my body. I actually started taking Cardio Ballroom Dancing with Louis van Amstel, a pro dancer on the show. He teaches his own classes; a girlfriend and I go a few times a week and I love it.”

You are 38 now and look amazing.
“Thank you.”

How do you feel about closing in on 40?
“I think 40 is the new 30, like they say. I’m fortunate my parents always looked younger for their age and my mom always had the best skin in the world, so 40, 30, whatever…I’m not like, ‘Oh my God, I’m turning 40 in a couple years!”

Since you’ve still got it, any plans to flaunt it? Another Playboy? A sexy movie like ‘Unfaithful’…or maybe a ‘Wild Things’ sequel?
“I used to have goals, a 5-year plan and a 2-year plan, and I’m going to be honest, I threw that all out the window. After these last few years, I never would have imagined I’d be divorced with two kids, and not have my mother here, so I really have learned to live in the moment. But I’m not one to say, never say never.”

What kinds of projects are you looking to do? Any plans to reinvent yourself?
“Here’s my goal: I want Quentin Tarantino to cast me in a movie and reinvent me and reinvent my career. That’s my goal. That’s what I’m putting out in the universe. [laughing] I would do any movie that he did. I definitely would, you know, things are different now that I’m a hands-on mom.”

With or without QT on her resume, Denise is still one lucky lady. How many actresses can claim they’ve worked with James Bond, Rocky Balboa and Superman?

How did you end up in a Bollywood movie [the upcoming ‘Kambakkht Ishq’] with Sylvester Stallone?
“I have no idea! They called my agent, said we want her, sent me the script and I said yes. It was such a cool experience. The whole crew flew from India and the director was lovely and the cast was so gracious and great to work with, I had a lot of fun.”

The movie also features Brandon Routh, who starred in ‘Superman Returns,’ so I have to ask, who’s hotter: Superman or Rocky?
“I’d have to say that’s a close tie but I’ve always been a huge fan of Sylvester Stallone. The unfortunate thing with that movie was I never even saw him! We didn’t have any scenes together, so I missed him.”

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You were recently seen out having dinner with ex-husband Charlie Sheen and his new wife and the kids…how did that come about?
“From day one, regardless of all the crap that’s been written–a lot of that stuff’s not true–from my perspective, my goal has always been about the girls. And Charlie and I were over a long time ago, and we have gotten to a place where it’s just about the girls.”

What kind of guy are you looking for now? And would you date another celebrity?
“It doesn’t matter to me if they are inside or outside the industry–I wouldn’t want someone to judge me for what I do for a living–I just want someone who’ll be great with my children and someone who’s funny, who makes me laugh.”

Denise Takes Her Own Foray into Funny…or Die. Take a Peek at Denise’s “Funbags”!

[iframe 420 355]


Favorite Guilty Pleasure
“I love the ‘Housewives‘ of anything…the Housewives of New York, New Jersey, Orange County, you name it, I love the whole series.”

Denise Digs Doogie
Richards has costarred with Neil Patrick Harris on three different occasions (‘Doogie Howser, M.D.,’ ‘Starship Troopers’ and ‘Undercover Brother’).

Secret Beauty Weapon
“Dr. Lancer’s skin care products. I’ve known this man for years, he’s brilliant with skin care and he has his own line of products, and that’s my beauty secret.”

Twitter Talk
Denise doesn’t consider herself a “cougar”…at least not yet.

Celebrity Crush
“Angelina Jolie”

Are you dating?

Will we see any of that on the show?
“Yes, they do show me dating a bit on the show. And you will see my dad dating a bit on the show as well.”

So any double dates with Dad?
“Um, you know what, I think everyone needs to tune in to that exciting episode.”

Watch Irv Attempt Speed Dating–Which He Likens to ‘A Women’s Prison’

Are your dating adventures with anyone we know?
“No, no, I’m not dating a certain person. I go on some blind dates on my show.”

From, like, Celebrity
[laughs] “Absolutely not! They are people that my friends have set me up with.”

Are men intimidated by you? Is it hard for you to date? You were in “Wild Things” after all–that’s like every guy’s fantasy movie.
“I don’t know. I’ve never asked someone if they’re intimidated by me, so I have no idea. You should ask them. Or I should!”

Season 2 of ‘Denise Richards: It’s Complicated’ premieres Sunday, June 7th, at 11 p.m. on E!

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